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  1. Yes it’s blasphemous-perfect example of how many people make God in their own image.

  2. Trump is being targeted for exposing crimes and corruption. It's just that he's the one responsible for it.

  3. Freddy Masch is always a go to answer. Hell of a guitar player too.

  4. He's an amazing songwriter too, after all he wrote "Jamie All Over"

  5. What time? Because Rochester has never been known for having a great scene.

  6. I've never heard of any of those bands but didn't even live in Minnesota at that time. You must also be age late 30s.

  7. i don't understand how these people basically see trump as the second coming of Christ. you claim you're a Christian but then basically worship this man and hate when other people have different opinions or don't like him 😭😭 i don't understand

  8. Think of all the people who ruined their lives for Trump. Like all of the people arrested for storming the Capitol who are going to have their names appear linked to that for the rest of their lives...good luck with job searches! Probably needed after losing theirs for going to federal prison. Or that guy in Pennsylvania just arrested for making death threats to FBI agents.

  9. What crimes (other than his own of course) did Trump expose?

  10. Very few of the far left want to abolish the police, they just want the police to be under the umbrella of Public Safety instead of the umbrella of Police Officers Federation (Union).

  11. enough of the left wanted it the phrase "defund the police" became commonplace. And i get the nuance of most folks saying "defund the police" don't want to actually defund the police. But try convincing a republican of that, or heck, even explain that nuance to a kid... Its just not a good look.

  12. It's a really REALLY bad slogan but I don't think anyone of actual influence (aka not Twitter shit posters) has unironically used it in about a year. It's become more of a rallying cry for the opposition. Kind of like "death panels" a decade ago when Sarah Palin badly misrepresented part of the Affordable Care Act claiming that was in the law. She got skewered for it and thus even most non-Sarah Palin Republicans kept claiming that and Democrats used it as an example to show the bad faith arguments of Republicans against it. Now we have this from the opposite direction.

  13. Can anyone from Minneapolis comment on this thread?

  14. That thread has a tweet claiming Winston Smith was unarmed, all that's needed to know that whoever is posting that is full of shit.

  15. "Folks" being people who don't live in the neighborhood throwing their weight around trying to create some anarchist enclave. Those that actually live there are terrorized.

  16. That's basically what happened in Seattle. But that was cracked down upon and stopped early at least. Also the "security forces" of that enclave in Seattle have killed more unarmed black teenagers per capita than any police department. And yet they and their apologists on Twitter try to act like it was justified because they were "really fascists" or police shills in some way.

  17. This seems pretty stupid on their part. The offer was a 3-year sentence served concurrently with their federal one. That's shorter than Thao's federal sentence and the same length as Kueng's, so it's effectively no extra time at all.

  18. This happens all the time. Lots of Millennials were nostalgic for the grunge era or the 80s even though we were at most children and hardly in it. Some even were nostalgic for the 60s and Woodstock era.

  19. Vote pandering. He only cares because it's an election year.

  20. Their buddies didn't walk. They were arrested for aiding them bout six days ago and charges are pending.

  21. Released on bail/bond already? They're back out.

  22. That's not "walking". They were probably deemed a low flight risk and as they didn't directly commit violent crime are not a threat. Still facing trial.

  23. Reminds me of the newspaper that published a concert review of a NIN concert talking about the "Johnny Cash cover" that was played.

  24. mewithoutYou's "Brother, Sister", Mineral's "The Power of Failing" and Zao's "Where Blood and Fire Bring Rest"

  25. Life In Your Way might appeal to you if you're OK with some heavier stuff and screaming. Like this:

  26. Dang I didn’t know they were Christian! I always liked them though, peak emo music

  27. They weren't a "Christian band" but Chris is and has a lot of Christian allegories and symbolism in their lyrics. Like "Five, Eight and Ten" is a reference to numerology in Revelation and includes a lot of Biblical quotes in the lyrics. "Take the Picture Now" is about how Chris expects finally meeting Jesus would be like. "Dolorosa" has the line "Jesus I hope you're coming back soon", and "The Last Word is Rejoice" is about anticipating Heaven. Beautiful and powerful lyrics and such beautiful incredible music...very glad I got to see them at Furnace Fest last year!

  28. Twitter encourages people to toss off these silly hot takes.

  29. Just a very Twitter-like take in general, and obviously worded to rile things up and get attention as is so often the case there.

  30. Where are you driving from? It sounds like you're from outside Minneapolis, but parking south of downtown for free and taking a Lyft/Uber would probably be cheaper than parking nearby.

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