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  1. A hansom cab passenger tapped the driver on the shoulder to ask a question.

  2. I've seen it. It isn't "teninch". That was just a thing Billie Piper started for shits n giggles.

  3. I'm thinking somewhere up north, either in Washington, Oregon, or Idaho.

  4. Ooh, look at this sign, this "Mystery Shack" looks interesting, let's visit.

  5. Didn't the Dalek in the 9th Doctor episode "Dalek" (S27E06) ask him directly for mercy?

  6. Trying to find solid continuity in Doctor Who is a path to madness.

  7. Yeahh, finally someone mentioned, im glad that they didnt make sashannarcy (or any of the main characters) in a canon romance

  8. Well in that case you'll be disappointed if I ever get my hands on both the full rights to this show and Doctor Who

  9. Jesse what the fuck are you talking about

  10. Okay it’s safe to say that this community has lost their marbles after the show ended

  11. Freddie being his over dramatic self, trying to suck up all the oxygen. Deaky saying at least if I have to die I’ll be with the band. Roger calling the lift a wanker. Brian telling Freddie that they’ll have enough oxygen. Brian and Freddie fighting.

  12. bro no it’s different when it’s a child cs they are still maturing 😭

  13. 17 def shouldn’t be with a 13 year old 💀

  14. It's just a 4-year difference. For perspective, my parents are 6 years apart, so this sort of age difference is perfectly normal for me.

  15. I'm not convinced that killing off the most wealthy musicians would destroy music forever. If anything, we might get a chance to hear more up-and-comers and make it so it's not the same handful of producers and musicians behind every single new hit. And we'd still have the music that was created by the wealthiest ones.

  16. We'd lose such legends as Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Brian May, Roger Taylor, and John Deacon. (Though to be fair, Deaky's retired, so that wouldn't really have any impact aside from the news)

  17. Ok but we've already lost such legends as John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, etc. Hell, in the last decade alone we've lost Bowie, Tom Petty, Dio, Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson, Prince, etc. and still music has not ceased to exist!

  18. Well, for the most part you're not wrong, but old rockers are exempted from this imo.

  19. There’s a fanfic where the characters swap places and Sasha ends up in Wartwood. It’s called a Theory of Butterflies and Other Insects by CalamityUnlocked on AO3 and I consider it to be one of the best written Amphibia fanfictions I’ve come across.

  20. Wait so what happens if the entire statue gets destroyed? Do you regenerate? Or become an immortal pile of rubble?

  21. I believe it may spread pharaonism to Sudan (Nubia) and seek further ties to the West rather than the Middle East. Best case scenario, Egypt (Kemet) and Sudan (Nubia) peacefully unite thanks to shared, albeit ancient, history. South Sudan could easily be restrained and the Africans kept under the Egyptian boot. Worst case, war breaks out between the two. The extent of it, however, is hard to tell. The country would be called Kemet, and their sultan would be a pharao instead. It could stop with architecture and names, but thats no fun.

  22. Then some guy from 2000 years ago time travels to the present and somehow everything is the same as before but now with more technology.

  23. relatable, im chinese and i cant even use chopsticks properly

  24. Bro, no heterophobia here just like no homophobia here. I swear if this comment is removed this sub is messed up.

  25. You do know that time lords can have infinite regenerations like Rassilon? It is just that, under Rassilon’s orders, the artificial limit is imposed upon them. Therefore, it’s possible a limit was put on the Doctor as well, just like it is done to the other Time Lords to limit them to only 13 regenerations.

  26. Some argue that 13 is a woman because of Bill; 12 is Scottish because of Amy; 11 was childish because 10 had a short life and felt he was rushed to death; 10’s accent is because of Rose. I could go through some of the others but I don’t know too much about Classic Who so I can only really do this for the Doctors I know well.

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