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  1. Advice aise puch raha hai as if we face this kind of problem on a daily basis

  2. Bro maine kal hi ek friend ko double penetrate kiya on her request. Ab Aaj ek aur friend ka break up hua and she’s asking if I would do it. Life is just so hard!

  3. How the fuck could he do this crap right in the middle of Gujarat elections?

  4. Achha that makes total sense now. Yeah 0% chance it’s doctored considering that time frame haha.

  5. I lost my mom in 2016 and not a day has gone by when I haven’t thought “could I have done more?”

  6. Not to be that one guy but in Ultrakill you can straight up just punch bullets back at enemies, massively increasing their damage and healing you.

  7. Check out this video of a scrolling shooter called Gigawing.

  8. Nothing, and I mean nothing, in the world beats the guitar name rip-off of Gibson guitars. Givson, Grason, Gribson, Gotson and god fucking knows how many knock offs there are. This is all the more hilarious because it took me ages to figure out the real brand was Gibson — thanks to the abundance of these god forsaken knock offs.

  9. Some comments on this post make me realise that one mustn’t be a chaddi to be ignorant, lol.

  10. And then you decide, for the 999th time, to start commenting your code from next time onwards.

  11. Pishus has really good healthy foods. But it’s all veg.

  12. I’ve tried pishus in the past but yeah, it’s all veg and some dishes feel like they’re really just “there” lol

  13. Hit and run for salad grills and kababs Avoid unrated as rule of thumb in apps. Unless recommended by a friend.

  14. Yeah I’ve had a couple of bad experiences from places in the past. The vegetables were either not properly cleaned (had bugs inside them) or the meat (or veggies) were rotten 🤢.

  15. A prostitute is a woman who loves you no matter who you are or what you like

  16. If you are looking at both Namo and RG and yet vote for BJP then you are a bhakt or a chutiya but in most cases, they both are the same.

  17. 8 years ago .. when Arnab was a great journalist .. when Modi looked like an answer to all our problems .. And Rahul .. well was still Rahul.

  18. True that. Except Modi didn’t seem like an answer to me even back then… Rahul just came out as a huge question after this interview, that’s all. Haha

  19. I really loved that troll who reached out to Kyles dad. That stunted guy. Haha. He was hilarious.

  20. AY! Get outta here buddy. We don't need your kind of talk, guy. The problem with streaming services and their unequal availability is not exclusively a Canadian problem, friend.

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