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  1. ...because he's an obsessed weirdo that may be mentally ill?

  2. The CORRUPT Biden regime TRAMPLED my RIGHT to see Hunter’s girthy cock in 2020! The truth will come out! Patriots rise up! 🇺🇸🦅

  3. I don't remember ever seeing 'a lack of prayer' being associated with mass shootings honestly. The general reasoning behind these by the the right is mental health.

  4. Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has deleted a tweet quoting the New Testament that he posted after the deadly Orlando nightclub shooting. Wdym media when an elected official is doing this?

  5. That's entirely bullshit, you moron. They do propose good solutions to these shootings problems. You just don't agree with the

  6. They shall henceforth be called by their new name "Uteri Possessors."

  7. Hey look on the bright side, at this rate, colonization will officially be less and less the fault of white people lol

  8. How about someone constantly clanging and smashing dishes and other shit in the background

  9. Mel is simply following the proud Swedish tradition of using rocks from the fjords in your front load dryer in lieu of fabric softener.

  10. damn why'd he have to describe the picture lol

  11. My guess would be that Majors did not have a reputation beforehand so the public expectation of his behavior was much different than towards Dana White... but I guess racism it is lol.

  12. He mean he quite enjoys making the beast with two backs.

  13. My momma always told me I wouldn't have to worry about stranger danger because compared to me there could be none stranger.

  14. If conversation was art she made Fuentes look like the second coming of Basquiat, not surprised people were a bit miffed by the picture that ensued.

  15. men caring about what women thinks is how we got here in the first place

  16. She got rizzed by Darius. Anyone would have to take a break after that.

  17. Darius would do so much better if he didn't speak beyond pleasantries.

  18. I can't wait to use the screenshot of this to-be-deleted tweet in 4 months.

  19. I think the fundamental issue is people expect way too much out of data. It's not magic if things go one way 7/10 times, 3/10 they won't go that way. You could end up in the 30% and that's just life. Saying policy or general advice should be dictated on anecdotes and not data is asinine. This is the same thinking a gambling addict uses to bet their rent on insane odds.

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