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  1. Thank you! (This wouldn’t be my first saxophone, im looking for an upgrade from a student model - Tenor Saxophone YTS - 275)

  2. I upgraded from a yts 275 to a yts 62 and love it.

  3. How often do you play? That seems an awfully long time. I change my American cut tenor once every couple of months

  4. Thanks, what is it that prompts you to change? Do you have a fresh one to compare it to or just feel the degradation of sound?

  5. No, he’s too well fed! Not sure he really knows what to do with them!

  6. I'm pretty sure he caught it outside and carried it in for us! Seems to be some kind of gift, I think he may be under the assumption that we're incapable of feeding ourselves!

  7. “Did you see that ludicrous display last night?”

  8. We use something like this when we shave the cat but not ideal for daily life! Should note, it’s literally life saving to shave her after 3 operations for hairballs stuck in her intestine! She’s a ginger Yorkshire Rex and looks like a little lion after a shave too!

  9. I suggest that you remain calm and address the situation promptly. Here are some steps you can take:

  10. I thought the Stereophonics were complaining that she made him feel like a worm when it turns out she made him feel like the one. Really gives the song a different vibe.

  11. Well, Jimi Hendrix had his breakout performance where he set his electric guitar on fire at the Newport Folk Festival.

  12. My Dad is a farmer and regularly has junk thrown into his fields. One day he spotted a garage door had been launched into his field of wheat, so dragged it out to pick up later. When he returned… gone!

  13. In between how it is and how it should be…Are you possibly getting confused with this? Im wondering now too!

  14. Yeah, I've had the same thought...I feel like there is this song lyric out there somewhere!

  15. I don’t know of any Switchfoot song with those lyrics. A quick google search yielded an Amy Grant song titled that. Could that be it? Lol

  16. Ha! Nope, I went down the same google rabbit hole! Thanks for trying!

  17. Ha! Good point! Although we booked it in advance and, well, this is the U.K. where the weather forecasts aren’t always reliable. Ultimately though, defo a facepalm learning curve…this is all new to us too! ;-)

  18. The fact that when someone says "Yeah, right". It actually means no.

  19. Anyone remember “Beard!” Or “Chinny!” Or “Jimmy Hill!” as a phrase used in the 90s when you didn’t believe someone?!

  20. The Pompey fans singing “We’ve got the ball/we’ve lost the ball!” 👌

  21. I made one for the T-Slim but I'm having a harder time with the Dexcom. (I made it last night, just saw your post.) I'm working on the Dex today. LMK if you ever found it or if you still need it! (Edit, see I replied months ago. Apparently I did not just see this post.. LOL)

  22. Nice swing. I like your sound and vibrato. Trying to get into microphones; what model did you use? Merry christmas

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