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  1. Why would doing whatever they could to avoid the Vietnam war be a mark against a band who we all love for their anti Vietnam war anthem?

  2. Oh my god you are all turbo fucking virgins, jesus

  3. Pretty sure the average age of reddit users is like 15. Based on the middle school level understanding of sex and relationships everyone displays, the constant sharing of shitty TikTok videos, and the fact that no one here seems to have any real life experience.

  4. Whenever I remember this, I feel like such a loser for even being here at my age.

  5. I've been feeling that way lately too, but I usually have that thought when I click on a post about some world news event, usually about something serious, stupidly expecting some interesting discussion, and all of the top comments are what feels like 16 year old neck beards fighting to make the stupidest pun, 70% of which are the same pun over and over. And then I wonder why I still come here.

  6. Right, but look how many qualifiers you had to add to make that sentence true. Only 66% of Americans eligible to vote even voted in 2020.

  7. It's a new thing that kicked in around when the trucker convoy happened.

  8. Same in the US. We've reached the point where words like "patriot" or having too many flags are basically just saying "I'm a racist idiot."

  9. Are you really dumb enough to think that what you just typed is what happened here?

  10. Men also kill themselves more than women. This is a mental health, and lack of emotional support issue.

  11. I've known that men commit suicide more for years, but I didn't realize until recently when I saw the stats how close suicide is to being a specifically male issue.

  12. I'm not really sure what you're trying to say here. Do you think that the entirety of a person's physique is determined by genetics and that it's impossible to become more or less muscular?

  13. But she would have no reason to have bulked up yet based on the plot of the movie. Since, she never had nor was planning to be The Black Panther.

  14. They could very easily have explained that as an effect of taking the heart shaped herb. It makes you stronger. Why wouldn't it make your muscles bigger too?

  15. Out of interest: How is this any different from the social expectation of texting back immediately? It's also me me me, only by way of the obstacle race that is trying to type with your thumbs instead of just talking to people.

  16. Serious question: are you really young? I remember "gotta text back immediately" being a thing when I was a teenager, but no adult has ever done this to me.

  17. Agreed. I refuse to type with my thumbs, so they will have to wait until I get near a keyboard. If it's important, they can call me.

  18. Nearly all breasts (88%) are uneven, however breasts are often close enough, especially with a bra to further hide it, that you can't tell unless you're living with them every day. Fun fact you probably didn't want to know: most testicles are uneven in size as well, and more often than not hang at different levels. IMO a lot of our subconscious obsession with symmetry is due to the general lack of it.

  19. I think every guy has this experience during puberty where they notice their balls hang at different levels, freak out about it and think something's wrong with them, and then learn that virtually everyone's balls do that.

  20. The difference between a millionaire and a billionaire is a billion dollars.

  21. The saying is "The difference between a billionaire and a millionaire is about a billion dollars."

  22. absolutely.... this bitch gave patients fabricated test results. if she gets less than shreikli, the system is broken

  23. She very likely will. All else aside, women get wildly lesser sentences. 63% lesser sentences than men for the same crimes.

  24. Several years ago a friend predicted the end of dedicated cameras. He wasn't quite right, but getting a Pixel 4a, and now a 6a opened my eyes to what was possible. I'm leaving my dedicated camera home on my next trip.

  25. Not dedicated cameras, but phone cameras absolutely killed dedicated point and shoot cameras.

  26. Yep. Many people think it started in 1860s America.

  27. I don't hate them. They're nice and reminiscent of T'Chaka's suit we first saw in Black Panther (2018). There are just too many of them, that and Riri's Saban-looking construction make the final battle look a lot more like Power Ranger's Super Samurai than I think is good for the franchise

  28. I completely agree. I feel like Marvel used to make a concerted effort to ground everything within the universe of that character/movie, so that even fantastical characters felt realistic within their own worlds.

  29. You know, not everything that's "not being a parent" is superficial and fleeting.

  30. I’m very childfree and just said it that way for effect

  31. Yup people who say stock Android is better than one ui just have not used it. I tried going back to a pixel and it's less customizable than one ui, that's crazy. Whatever happened to choices and letting us personalize our phones

  32. Or for some people "better" is having a UI that isn't visually inconsistent, hideous, and doesn't drop frames like crazy.

  33. "It's been out for a month and hasn't made a trillion billion dollars! Time for a rebranding and relaunch!"

  34. That’s an actual mental illness and not just people getting “crazy over the phone”

  35. If you've worked in retail or customer service of any kind, you know that like 35% of customers are like that.

  36. My washing machine is a bit of a relic and decides to jump across the floor without a moment's notice... so, I vote HELL NO to that kind of unpredicatablity. A lady could get injured!

  37. If that's the case then for the love of God, do not test that. You don't want your death to be announced in headlines about how a pantsless woman got crushed by a washing machine. People would have questions. Lol

  38. Do you mean fucking on top of a washing machine or just leaning against a washing machine?

  39. I was referring to leaning against it. There are a lot of TV shows and movies that show women getting off by sitting on or leaning against the washing machine while it's going.

  40. Squeed is a vernacular term that basically means that.

  41. Oh, I've never heard that before. Where do people say that? Is it a regional thing or a youth thing? Lol

  42. Are you asking about the squealing with glee or the ball game?

  43. I was referring to you saying "squeed" haha Was that just squealed and you forgot an L?

  44. As someone who is not into science, how accurate is the show really? Like when they are talking about scientific topics are they actually real theories or are they just making up bullshit?

  45. Like 90% of the science talk isn't even deep enough to be accurate/not accurate. The show is basically an 80s movie portrayal of nerds. Most of the jokes are someone going "Errr, hard drive. The Coriolis effect." And then some other non nerd character going "Whatttttttt?" And then a laugh track plays.

  46. Bro, you're all over this thread spreading mass shooting misinformation and denying that they're a problem. You demand sources for what everyone else says while denying that it's true, and then every time someone provides you a source you just move the goal posts.

  47. Damn I just posted "Lily looks like Kevin Bacon's ghost" higher up in the thread. You beat me to it and said it better.

  48. Lol this reminds me of when I was in high school and we had a student teacher join our class. His name was Mr. Bustos and he was finishing up college and came to our history class as part of his curriculum. He was awesome and we all got along great with him. He was only with us a couple of months before landing a full-time job at a nearby middle school. We were all really sad for him to go but happy he was going to get a class of his own and we told him he'd be a great teacher. Cut to a couple of months later and I ran into him at the grocery store. He looked like a shell of the man I had met. I ran up to him excited and when he saw me it looked like he was about to cry. He said middle schoolers weren't like us and he was really struggling. I felt so bad for him.

  49. I'm convinced that middle schoolers are the worst people on earth. They're at the perfect development stage where they're trying to be independent and starting to become adultish, but also haven't developed empathy at all and are still very immature.

  50. I assume you're talking about the Democrat party and the way they're attacking our most basic institutions.

  51. No, they're talking about Republicans. Repealing gay marriage is literally in the

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