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  1. Gonna have a hot take and say last year’s. Most of hip hop’s greatest living icons, an entire genre, on one stage. They had so much star power that fucking Anderson .Paak was just chilling and playing drums. Not only that but most of the rappers had connections to Inglewood where the Super Bowl was taking place. Just an amazing show all around.

  2. The issue here is looking at the classification cutoffs rather than the numerical score. The US scores about 10% higher than India yet is ranked in the same category. The numerical ranking, at first glance, seems broadly accurate to me

  3. California wouldn’t be shit without surrounding states water and power 🧐

  4. The rest of the country wouldn't be shit without California's economy.

  5. Texas is pretty cool despite its climate and its bravado. California is pretty cool despite its politics that have wrecked cities like SF.

  6. Have you been to SF? I'm actually there right now and it's a really nice city. Maybe the most beautiful city in the country. Nice, well kept parks with unbelievable water views everywhere you go. Great architecture. Great food, nightlife, culture. Lots to do. Not sure where all the hate comes from.

  7. How does eliminating medicare function in a society where insurance is based on employment? Retired people need the most healthcare what do we expect them to do?

  8. Or, you know, a shitload of houses being built that people can then purchase.

  9. They should have added another bye week with the added regular season game

  10. It's a win-win. They get another week of primetime games. Players get another week to recover. This also means they get more star players on the field for more ratings. Everybody wins.

  11. It really is jarring that they haven't done it when its put like this too. Adding another bye could create so many better primetime game situations and even potentially allow for things like more euro games.

  12. The more away games is yet another incentive. I'm sure it'll come at some point

  13. Yeah, it’s not a particularly hard synthesis. Dangerous outside a lab, but not hard. Lot more money in legal pharmaceuticals tho lol.

  14. Being assholes, period, is kind of the Eagles fans thing.

  15. Yea I meant from a US perspective. I would not rank getting involved in WWII as a foreign policy disaster for the US, I think most people would agree it had to be done

  16. It's always hard to tell when you're not far removed from it, but on the whole I think he'll be viewed favorably. Not many scandals to speak of, decent stewardship of the government and economy, nice bounceback from the 2008 crash. His lows weren't very low, but on the opposite of that his highs weren't very high. He had one big piece of legislation early in his administration and even that is still being judged. He was a stable, even handed, stoic, and rational leader, but he also seemed to lack to will to swing for the fence or take any kind of risk. And outside of the Bin Laden raid he really didn't make many great decisions when it came to defense.

  17. Even with the benefit of hindsight, it can be really tough to judge presidential legacies. Take LBJ. One of the best domestic presidents of the 20th century passing the civil rights act, voting rights act, Medicare, but who also oversaw the 20th century’s greatest foreign policy disaster. How do you equilibrate those two to come up with a grade?

  18. If you think the only thing beneficial to the world is the quantity of people, not the quality, it explains why you hold such shitty beliefs.

  19. They’re also just deliberately conflating gender and sex. There’s a reason we stopped referring to people as transsexual and started referring to them as transgender.

  20. 1A to Mahomes??? He’s two. There isn’t a 1A and 1B. Mahomes has been better for longer how did this even become a conversation

  21. Because people were really zeroed in on the head-to-head stats and the Bengals went 3-0 against the Chiefs last year.

  22. No we’re not I hate both teams equally. Go Bengals

  23. Yes sir, I also live on the West coast so you have to give me the benefit of the doubt.

  24. Yep he would probably need one good year as OC and would immediately get HC consideration

  25. If the commanders get a new owner and he does a good job as OC he could end up HC after a year

  26. San Diego’s transit system is far from a paradise tho. I’m not saying Elon is the one to fix it

  27. Unless they are a February intern. Right now I just roll my eyes. Next month I’ll straight up dismiss.

  28. I think it’s generally worthwhile to take the extra 10 seconds to explain to the nurse why their concern isn’t necessary. Helps your relationship with nursing and keeps you from making mistakes

  29. I must be out of the loop what’s the February intern joke

  30. So it doesn’t require a charging station? Just a/c outlet?

  31. Yea I have mine and don’t have a 240V outlet, just use a regular outlet which is fine 99% of the time. Use a fast charger for other times when I need it but has only been once so far.

  32. Some may say that it’s just SF but it’s really the entire Bay Area. Everyday I wake up and I have to trudge through 6 inches of fresh human shit. Just to get to my car where all the windows have been smashed in.

  33. the nightlife actually kinda sucks for a city this size. it was better pre-covid but still absolutely nothing like NYC

  34. Dude SF is not remotely the same size as NYC. The population is less than a million. The fact that we even think of it in the same breath as NYC is honestly impressive for a city its size.

  35. I feel like pharmacists are every doctor's favorite person in the hospital.

  36. The hardcore Trumpies definitely don’t like him. They liked him when he was Trump’s subordinate but they’re calling him an establishment candidate now. They see him as somebody that’s being put forward to silence Trump.

  37. Still, the Overton window has been irrevocably shifted. Desantis is now viewed as a "moderate" by a large swath of the public, despite not being a moderate by any conceivable stretch.

  38. I can't even comprehend how he's a moderate, he's, in my opinion, one of the furthest right wing figures in the GOP.

  39. I can't comprehend a lot of things the median voter believes but they are the people deciding our elections.

  40. Because the day may come soon when a fascist president attempts to stay in power unconstitutionally and it would be great if the members of the military didn't go along with it.

  41. This is true! And not just in San Diego--with a few blips, crime rates have been falling nationally for a long time.

  42. One thing I've noticed is that when people talk about crime going up, when you really dig into it they usually tend to mean homelessness and a general sense of disorder rather than the actual crime rate. Which are absolutely two different things, but I think they are often conflated in people's minds.

  43. He got cheated once. And that's like the one thing that happened in his life that he isn't bitter about.

  44. Mistborn made me quit fantasy for a while. Truly just a crime against the written word.

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