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  1. 3 ballerinas tea on Amazon will have you shitting so hard you feel like a new person…..just don’t schedule anything for 3 days after you drink it

  2. I blame her mother. Poor girl never stood a chance. Her mom has the nastiest most vile vibes any time she’s on camera.

  3. I get what you’re saying but keep in mind that she’s been trying to get a kid through IVF so I think she’ll keep her word on the fact that she wants to have kids. Even if she isn’t able to conceive she will prob adopt a baby from China or something. But yeah the city thing doesn’t make sense cuz she’s definitely a city🤣

  4. a lot of extremely republican, Christian people adopt children from 3rd world countries, and yes, they’re still racist. It’s “virtuous” to the parents and while many of these kids grow up with more privilege and access than they would have otherwise, they will end up with lifelong issues as a result of being “othered” by these conservative communities.

  5. Her new house is basically moving to the farm lands of So Cal it’s the epitome of a boring middle neighborhood with houses packed on top of each other only meant for raising children or retiring in

  6. as a lifelong socal resident, San Juan Capistrano is NOT the farmlands lol…Bakersfield and anything past it on the I-5 is. It’s just suburban.

  7. Joan Rivers didn’t and the Kardashians never used to until recently. My aunt has been a flight attendant on a NY-LA route for 20+ years and she saw them regularly. Especially Joan.

  8. Get ready for 200 more “ex-bf” videos after this…any time she gets into hot water the shitty ex-bf content starts again…

  9. I went to the Monster Ball for all of her Southern California dates. One of the best times of my young life

  10. marina is basically the katy perry of the indie girls at this point. been flopping hardcore for YEARS now. she went from being a good artist with a couple of bad years to a bad artist with a few good albums.

  11. It’ll pass babe. It doesn’t feel like it now but you will come out stronger

  12. I was just looking this up the other day…a must have for Del Sol Valley

  13. take care of your body. be active. no, it doesn’t have to look like tik tok girls “it girl” workout routines, but make sure you’re getting some type of semi-strenuous movement in daily.

  14. Natalie Quinn is my favorite micro influencer. She lives in Joshua Tree with her husband and dogs and her content is super cute and original. She’s also plus size!

  15. Unfortunately if she wants to work in film she will be dealing with this kind of nonsense one way or another for her career. Sadly a large part of working in the industry is personality management. All she can really do is her best to try and wrangle the rest of the crew and perform her tasks as exceptionally as she can given the circumstances. Best of luck to her!

  16. what if we have both mommy and daddy issues? 5’8 hour glass figure 135 lbs blonde/blue eyes

  17. I was thinking about this too but didn’t remember the terminology!!! Thanks for posting

  18. also listened after my break up. Julia’s reading list was instrumental in helping me get back on my feet

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