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  1. You're free and not treated as a second class citizen like every woman in religious fundamentalism is. Don't envy them.

  2. i mean to be fair women are treated like second class citizens in most walks of life. i’m treated like an item men can just toss when they’re done with after a few dates. at my job i’m treated like dirt because i’m young and female. i completely understand your point but it doesn’t feel like the options are so so much better on the other side too :(

  3. I totally know how you feel. I cried after a breakup watching one of the Duggars introducing their first child to their grandma because I won’t get that with mine. You can’t plan everything to happen “in order” sometimes like it did in their lives.

  4. so exactly how I feel! the expectation of order is what i’m probably most jealous of.

  5. what if we have both mommy and daddy issues? 5’8 hour glass figure 135 lbs blonde/blue eyes

  6. I was thinking about this too but didn’t remember the terminology!!! Thanks for posting

  7. also listened after my break up. Julia’s reading list was instrumental in helping me get back on my feet

  8. read “seafaring women”, a great history of female pirates, sailors, wives of sailors, and the origins of mythological women of the sea, like mermaids and nymphs and such! it was a really fun read!

  9. D-mannose pills girlie!! Also take some AZO for immediate pain relief while the D-mannose works it’s magic. Good luck!!

  10. She wanted you to rub bacon grease on you back the farm pimples for her to pop obviously. I just try to be semi-not put together and purposefully leave my tie askew or a cuff unbuttoned and then ask my girl how I look before heading out to let her scratch that primal urge and if she doesn't catch it I can fix it before I'm down the elevator.

  11. don’t downvote me into oblivion but i’ve kind of always felt this way about e 😬. i agree with op that’s it’s just a result of being young and successful in la. i kind of purposefully don’t listen to her solo episodes bc they feel v self indulgent lol

  12. they can kill you but they can’t eat you by dawn steel if you want a true girl boss book before girl boss books were en vogue

  13. It’s an extremely emotionally intimate experience. You work for long hours over a concentrated period of time . There are periods of time where it’s a struggle and you really rely on each other. You learn a lot about a person in a production environment.

  14. i’m sorry i know you said preferably women but the podcast Good Children is hosted by these two gay guys who have been friends since childhood and their energy and sense of humor is very similar to E + J

  15. she’s my 60’s it girl of choice. the metamorphosis of her voice is incredible to me

  16. Damn, how old are these kids? They don't look much above 20

  17. What do you think Josie and Kelton were doing on their mountain getaway?

  18. You might like: Revolutionary Girl Utena, The Woman Called Fujiko Mine, The Neon Demon

  19. I’m actually the opposite and prefer the episodes that have a looser structure. I actually don’t really like when they have guests or just one of them is hosting without the other. I like how Eliza and Julia balance each other out.

  20. I don’t relate to any part of this question but I’m fascinated and want to learn more

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