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  1. I want art of the before and after making out because both are hot

  2. Bill has been a piece of shit for a long time. This doesn't surprise me. But also fuck this guy and people like him.

  3. Uh, well ill be cringe with them on our cute date and people can eat shit

  4. Its not cringy. Trans people call each other that word so much and it sucks. Who wants to transition only to face more gatekeeping? Fuck that.

  5. What shitty people all around, im so sorry, also i dont care what your friend is going through, not sticking up for someone when they are being wronged is terrible. The trad cis-hets are not ok. 😞

  6. Because repeatedly people show they arent mature enough to handle it with the care and understanding that it takes. Also you need to ask your players before doing this because some people dont want sex in their lives and insisting that it happens to them in a game isnt fun.

  7. I read that as "fuck" and was like "sweetie you can fuck too, its ok" lol

  8. When my mom was in her 70s she always said, and I quote, "I hate old people. They think since they're old they can get away with being jerks. Give me young people any day they're at least polite." Sounds like you found one of them my mom would've laid in to for being a jerk. Sorry about what he did to you.

  9. God same. I hate mean old people. Thats what you want to do with the rest of your life? Be mean and look down on everyone and hope for death for people you dont like?

  10. If you are dating cis men, tell them up front. You need to know how they feel so you dont get assaulted if they find out and are upset. Gay panic is still a legal defense in many parts of the world, including many US states.

  11. GCS or not, we are transgender and dating means we need to look for people that will accept us because of it.

  12. this hits really close to home for me :/ I'm stealth, pre op and have never done anything with a guy before and I'm 19!! I've just been really hesitant to try, and like OP stated, I've had guys hit on me but I usually evade them until they get the picture that I'm not interested.

  13. Women are told its their fault for being attractive and they should just accept it as the price of beautiful. Its horse shit. πŸ«‚

  14. How is that any sort of surprise? Unless he wants to get in her pants, there's no reason for him to even care.

  15. Thats the transphobia. They always want to make sure they always mention our dicks because its all they think about.

  16. You all have some rose colored glasses lol. I loved the art and music in this game but the grind and losing experience on death. Horrid. XIV is a world apart

  17. People who contribute to society don't become wealthy.

  18. Ding ding. Wealth is by virtue hoarding resources and not helping. Philanthropy is a false flag and a smoke screen.

  19. Be careful, you could end up ruining a friendship and a marriage if you're not. I'd say it's not appropriate to discuss marriage troubles even as friends if you've falken for him. It's not being a good friend I don't think.

  20. You cant "ruin" a marriage. If those two people cannot come to an agreement about your presence that's their fault.

  21. You absolutely can, although not without some level of participation from at least one of the other people involved.

  22. Thats what i said. If the married person isn't telling you no in a consensual situation, the married person did the marriage damage, not the non-married person.

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