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  1. Shit, reading that interview with Mearsheimer pissed me off big time. Big time Putin dick rider, right there

  2. Here is a really brilliant video from Banksy of the new works in Ukraine, a revelation about what war is and how the human spirit triumphs:

  3. This is just Tucker trying to make sure his Rubles actually become worth something again. Bought and paid for, and the exchange rate hurts now.

  4. It's been pretty factually laid out that Carlson is not, probably some good wikipedia on him, I know there was one on Fox citing it as disinfo for their court litigation that they aren't real news.

  5. Well put! Tucker is self-absorbed, self-obsessed, and unspeakably despicable for how shamelessly he spreads Kremlin propaganda.

  6. Terrorism is defined as “the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.” (Google Oxford Dictionary)

  7. I don't want to give the Russians any credit but all the incendiary munitions I have seen being used by Russians in Ukraine were thermite/magnesium. Not white phosphorus.

  8. Zelensky standing on the streets of Kiev the morning after turned the tide of this war.

  9. This!! Zelenskyy walking the streets of Kyiv that morning was the beginning of victory for freedom and the beginning of defeat for Putin.

  10. I ask to become my most authentic, most enthusiastic self, fostering love in my own heart to share with others like seeds, sharing my gifts as easily as a spark flies upwards.

  11. Great idea. Russia forfeited those funds. Ukraine deserves this money to resist aggressive war.

  12. Also it was America who told them it’s okay to throw away all your nukes, we have your back .

  13. Half the country roughly supports the party that wants to shut down aid, weapons and any hope of a military intervention……so yea effectively half the country supports shutting it down

  14. Americans should understand why arming freedom better than tyranny is so essential…

  15. The US aims are IRRELEVANT. Ukraine will fight for whatever goals IT decides, because they are the ones paying the butcher's bill.

  16. Exactly right: Ukraine is paying the price in blood by fighting for freedom against genocidal aggression on behalf of the entire world.

  17. Heh heh, yep. Well, I guess all we have to do is sit back and watch 🙄

  18. But sorry, why did you add that in? It’s not the anniversary of his death?

  19. Harambe symbolizes for me the tragedy of the innocent victim who did everything right to be authentic and good, but who was still victimized by larger forces of chaos.

  20. Never underestimate the power of words- or what it means when we don’t speak against them.

  21. Kanye West denied the Holocaust by saying Hitler “didn’t kill 6 million Jews.”

  22. There is no such thing as "not racist." You are either anti-racist or racist.

  23. Amen! To defend freedom and human dignity, you must be overtly, assertively anti-racist:

  24. It's quite short and easy to digest as well.

  25. You’re right, it’s so short and the language is so cogent and lucid that it’s really easy to read.

  26. Primo Levi is a gifted writer and awesome human being who testified to the truth of the Holocaust that Kanye now denies.

  27. I have German Jewish ancestry. Reading primo Levi was incredibly hard and powerful but I’m very glad I have read him. They are not easy reads tho at all. Very very depressing but I think a must read

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