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AITA for calling my wife ridiculous for saying that she won't attend my family's christmas over some stockings?

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Found this hidden in my teen’s drawer and she claims she’s keeping it for her friend. I want to believe her but there are so many empty containers at the top left. 😢 What do you think? And what is the best way to approach it if you were a teen caught by your parent?

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  1. Looked liked he was leaning over the boat. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  2. Oh I thought you meant that he was gross or something. Lol

  3. That description doesn’t make you sound very nice 💀

  4. Horrible, a disgusting thing to do. Shame on you and your disgusting mother

  5. Posting the same thing to multiple subs just to get upvotes. You did it multiple times I looked at your account.

  6. Upvotes wasn’t my goal, my goal was to show off my dog to as many people as I could, sorry

  7. Man I had no idea what karma farming was before this 💀

  8. Man don’t shame people for thing like this, their own fault for walking in 💀

  9. No it's her fault for not being more aware of her surroundings. I'd be absolutely disgusted if I was to walk in on that.

  10. She locked two doors and did everything she could to make sure they couldn’t come in, and they did anyway. Don’t shame her for this, that’s completely normal dude

  11. I was agreeing until those last sentences 💀 little dudes annoying but what the fuck man

  12. They might be talking about something that has shark in its name, but actually isn’t a shark. Clickbait cover though

  13. You're literally doing it to yourself. You're choosing to be in that position. Do something about it.

  14. Your in a happy relationship, you have NO idea what can happen in this kind of situation. Shut the fuck up

  15. Sometimes people need help, you aren’t just told everything you need to know when you get a child, you learn

  16. I ever caught my daughter with a dipshit like that I’m going to his parents house and beating the shit out of both his “parents”.

  17. It was the kids fault, not the parents fault. They didn’t make him do this, he did that himself

  18. I had a teenage daughter who got knocked up by a guy like that, I'd give her two options: have an abortion or get the eff out of my house and never speak to me again. Am I an asshole for saying that?

  19. The hell are plushfilla and pokiohilla or whatever the fuck idk if i even spelt them right

  20. When you fuck your plushies and the other is banging pokemon

  21. Getting away from an abusive fuckwad does wonders, she’ll feel better the second she’s safe

  22. He humps the fuck out of other male dogs but leaves alone female dogs

  23. Someone saw this post and then attempted to sext me 💀💀💀

  24. Run around biting more people. They've already changed me, time to grow the horde.

  25. Imagine your just sitting in a random ass zombie apocalypse, and some dude you don’t even know is infected just bites you

  26. Can I have an entire knight? Just swing that dude around like a weapon??

  27. Yeah obviously I fucken do. However incase you don’t know you can’t change your sex! You believe your a woman just because you say you are when I’m reality you’ll never be one. And don’t talk about that fucking “” internalized transphobia“” shit is stupid as fuck.

  28. Gender is in the head, you can be a woman if you want. Sex is the organs.

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