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  1. Steve Kerr, the head coach of the Golden State Warriors, has a son named Nick.

  2. Hmm, 5 fingers, so obviously the fist, the egg that everyone loves so much, and two dildos! I'll leave the size of the dildos up to your imagination! 😉

  3. I knew my pre-adolescent obsession would not go in vain! Let’s get technical: is the dildo the line piece?

  4. Game of thrones was the fuel in the fire i think

  5. They need to boost the forgotten genre - time stop porn. There is so much that can be done with that genre but isn't.

  6. Theres a video where in the background. Its just John xina with a thumbs up on it.

  7. I’m getting a “see you later, alligator” vibe from these two

  8. I am able to flex the first phalanx of every finger in both hands. I call it “the cat claw’. Add to that that both thumbs are double jointed.

  9. Hey when you say double jointed - can you bend your thumb backwards at the knuckle?

  10. An erection can happen involuntarily and is NOT affirmative consent.

  11. That’s the second most beach ball resembling pie chart I’ve ever seen!

  12. I'm in a FWB situation with a long distance friend. I've spent way more than i should have going to visit him several times this year (including a week from now). I also buy him sex toys so i can hear him use them on calls with me, because i figure "if i can't be there getting him off, i can at least help him get off". Sometimes he does it on video call. But it's still just so stupid, I'm a student with very little disposable income

  13. His one stipulation for continuing a FWB thing was I'm not "allowed to fall in love with him". He's aromantic and just never gonna feel that towards me, so i refuse to feel it towards him.

  14. I suggest you do what you feel and fuck him! Both literally and figuratively. Confess and let things take their natural course. You either stop waiting your time with a deadend relationship or you get the one you want. How’s that sound?

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