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  1. This is what I'd like to see as well. There have been Kavu cards for nearly as long as Merfolk have been around, but Merfolk has gotten a ton of support over the years.

  2. Merfolk have been around since the beginning. Kavu showed up in Invasion. While you are technically correct due to the longevity of the game, I hate you for pointing out how old I am getting.

  3. Merfolk have been around since the beginning. Kavu showed up in Invasion. While you are technically correct due to the longevity of the game, I hate you for pointing out how old I am getting

  4. I have some foreign dual lands that other than the red dots test would be nearly impossible to tell apart from the real deal.

  5. I’m pretty sure LA and upper New York gets some from time to time. Like Toronto here in Canada there re definitely a few pockets of it in the US.

  6. The Making Magic article published this morning confirms the list of sets:

  7. Part of the Weatherlight story is that Gerrard, Squee, and Tahngarth travel to Rath to save Sisay, so I guess being partially on Dominaria isn't good enough

  8. I mean, yeah, True Name Nemesis taught us how little they cared about legacy at the time.

  9. Intuition? What? No, it's definitely still legal in Legacy.

  10. It’s good against land ramp, but bad against landfall decks. It basically guarantees that the [[Aesi]] player will never miss a land drop (or second land drop) again and gives them all the sweet sweet triggers.

  11. It makes their [[Kodama of the East Tree]] go infinite with any token producer and that is why I took it out of all my decks lol

  12. The woman in the art doesn't seem to have any trouble finishing on them

  13. Who the fuck said anything about that? I literally said, "we don't know what will happen"

  14. All these years you've been calling people kiddy diddlers in casual disagreements

  15. Is he dead? I couldn't find anything online. Why would he be forgotten?

  16. Yeah, the infinite growth thing didn’t seem to make sense in context. If a company reaches a position in its business where it can’t grow any more, I assume it just moves into another line of business. But that doesn’t seem to have much to do with Magic, which clearly still has lots of potential room for growth (how many people play Magic in China? India?)

  17. Ah yes, the Gangsta Ladder Filter, as opposed to the Corporate Ladder Filter

  18. I primarily play commander, and I want to stop seeing commander-specific products. We don't need another variation of Partner. We don't need cards that reference the command zone. None of the new stuff adds to the joy of the game as it was five-ish years ago.

  19. I really liked the annual Commander decks. Having them with every single set release is too much though.

  20. Hahaha we used to black out the flavor text on these just like this at the first LGS I frequented

  21. Ya so as an example, there's a mixdown I really like compared to one I sort of like but isn't hitting that desired overall loudness. On both mixes I didn't compress / limit too much and I used a similar mixing process so I'm just not sure what I should be trying to pay attention to really. When I try to 'correct' that latter mix, I find it just gets more compressed and then I actually lose out on the dynamics of the better mix despite the better mix being louder overall. I don't think it's necessarily a volume balance either, both mixdowns sound pretty good I think. The only thing I can think of right now is that maybe my transients are shaped better on the better track? I'm not sure if that would even make a difference in what I'm saying.

  22. Put the compressor away and reach for some saturation or even a clipper. If you find you're starting to lose some punchiness I would also recommend a transient shaper.

  23. Anyone know the source for the main vocal? Seems like an old soundclash tape, but which one?

  24. And the scarab god. Bugs in your old cereal.

  25. Who is teaching kids about eating feces? I must have missed that day in school.

  26. It's not like it's any more or less fictitious than any of the other ones

  27. Why is he turning into a scarecrow? I feel like I should be getting it.

  28. Bruh don't use Legacy and Vintage to justify bans. Golgari Grave Troll is restricted is Vintage but unplayable in EDH. They are totally different formats

  29. Lmao what? GGT is just as busted in EDH Dredge as it is in Vintage or Legacy Dredge. You have obviously never seen [[The Gitrog Monster]] in action.

  30. Wheel of Fortune is absolutely on the list and demonic tutor absolutely was until it got removed in 2002…They have removed commons and uncommon cards off the list and reprinted them as well as reprinting cards only in foil in certain sets.

  31. Wheel of Fortune and Gaea's Cradle were absolutely not reprinted in any kind of duel deck. Those were judge promos.

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