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  1. How about you quit the ad Homs and actually address the argument.

  2. Your being too stupid to figure it out is boring at this stage in the game

  3. I haven't begun to insult you. Your insecurities are obvious. Again It's not my fault you're too stupid or lazy to figure it out. What a good little slave you are

  4. Like I’ve said before - none of what you say is true. If you are in the US, the FBI can track you and hiding in Reddit won’t help at all. My DNA is just fine - there is no proof, not anywhere, that vaccines affect your DNA, not even the mRNA ones. Goering would be proud of you. If you make up enough stories and lie enough time, there is always a portion of the population that will believ you. And you k ow where that led.

  5. The eyes are useless if the mind is blind bro. It's not just your DNA it's your soul. All property of the state now as you are a genetically modified synthetic

  6. You and others like you are the real problem. It's really unbelievable that you are totally willing to believe fake information that you agree with, but have no tolerance for people who don't. You're free to believe what you want, as am I. Humans are carbon based biological creatures. When we die, we are erased as we cease to exist. We only remain in the memories of others. That's a good thing, but you seem to think that you're not only omnipotent, but will outlive everyone else - and you rejoice in it. Ain't gonna happen, bro.

  7. Your apathy is pathetic. And you have the nerve to project it back on me so you don't have to question your illusions.

  8. “Modeling” apparently means, making up whatever fictional set of circumstances required by our donors and pretending it can be justified to resemble reality when even the slightest bit of scrutiny proves otherwise.

  9. Lmao you're talking about yourself. Are you denying that the BBC reported the towers being hit ahead of time? Because that is easily verifiable.

  10. Like I said, you can link a fact check websites which are admittedly just opinions all you want, but I saw it reported on BBC with my own eyes when I was sitting in class my junior year of high school minutes before the school announcer came on the pa and asked for all the students to stay in their classroom because there was a national emergency happening. I don't know how old you are but I witnessed that shit with my own eyes. So you literally cannot debunk what I'm saying.

  11. I would gladly support sending Amandha D. Voller into an area plentiful with Ebola, to observe to what extent her naturopathy and reiki serves her medical needs.

  12. I'm already familiar with this fraud. I recognised her name.

  13. That's what I thought, you have no proof of a globular earth. It's ok, no one does

  14. You brought it up and now you want to run from it because you can't backup your religious beliefs with physical evidence.

  15. Maybe you need to take precautions yourself? Self isolation? Abstinence?

  16. Eratosthanes is not a valid experiment, as it has no independent variable to manipulate, as well as being based on an assumption that the earth is spherical.

  17. Because I've seen no evidence of it, I've experienced none of it in my very active and full life, and I don't trust proven liars.

  18. Um, because I've investigated it thoroughly and that is my conclusion. Feel free to prove me wrong...

  19. Exactly what the blind cult members would say when faced with the truth.

  20. I wasn't giving a definition I was making fun your question but you're too stupid to understand it.

  21. Yall morons try to make everything political. It's sad. I don't consent to anyone ruling over me. You on the other hand let actors on TV tell you what to do.

  22. Clearly you can't read trying to bring Trump into this. Like I said I don't support or comply with any parasite politicians. Are you ok?

  23. I'm referring to other people, not him. Sorry if that was unclear.

  24. I'm not scared. Predictably people here are butthurt again, by my pointing out the obvious fact that they literally don't care about people affected by this pandemic as long as it's not them.

  25. I'm yet to see any evidence of a pandemic, and public health is an oxymoron

  26. Does that make anti-vaxxers less in the way of liars? No.

  27. Your lack of ability in writing (presumably why you run a podcast instead, where you can hide it somewhat) makes your mangled sentence terribly unclear.

  28. Nope, didn't bother. I'm not going to look it up unless you can give me some reason to (because you said so isn't good enough) as well as demonstrate how this is at all relevant to the original discussion. Quite frankly, though, this discussion isn't worth my time, so I wish you luck in this conspiratorial world in which you live.

  29. I know I'm over your head. Just go take a nap until it's time for your next software update, I mean booster

  30. Ha! Okay buddy, get in touch when you've completed a PhD too and we'll talk more about who's going over whose head. I'm sure you'll want the last word, but I won't be here, so thanks for the laugh!

  31. Doctors are some of the most brainwashed people in the world. You are absolute proof of that. Sleep tight

  32. im not going to because i could not care less, and this doesn’t affect my joke about him being an author

  33. Feel free to counter a flat and stationary earth with any evidence to the contrary

  34. We'll Know Our Disinformation Program is Complete When Everything The American Public Believes is False. - William Casey, CIA Director 1981

  35. The unvaccinated are hospitalised and need extra treatment at a much higher rate than the vaccinated. They also will get long covid which will need possibly lifelong care.

  36. Tell me what experiment you can conduct to prove any of what you just said because that is all theoretical and not based in empirical evidence

  37. yes, the pharmaceutical makes so much money off dead people

  38. Perpetually ill and dependant seems to be more the strategy. What else you got?

  39. Lmfao. Toddler walks off after “debating” claiming victory…

  40. I win by default because you don't bring a single valid point you just avoid mine

  41. No but I've got a shit load on post covid adverse effects. Let me know if you need some good blood clotting data. Pisses off people who refer to vaccines as "clot shots"

  42. Ask yourself why nasa is the largest purchaser of helium in the world and employ more digital graphic artists than Disney

  43. Okay, they can be seen via an electron microscope.

  44. It's in fact the case that humans are more motivated by feelings than facts.

  45. Tepco (Tokyo Electric Power Co), was ordered to pay £330 billion in compensation to victims of 2011's Fukushima disaster.

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