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The Consular - Exotic ship stranded on a sandy planet

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  1. “Psh, I used to smoke weed with Johnny Hopkins….no no! Sloan Kettering and Johnny Hopkins..”

  2. I guess I’m semi making the same stuff, just with better practices and hopefully better quality content, ha. One thing that has helped me out is getting over the idea of growing the channel based SOLELY on what I myself think is great content. Once I started creating content for my viewers instead of myself I noticed a lot more growth in my channel

  3. Damn, I definitely hear that too. Note taken, was trying out some new stuff and was worried that might happen. I appreciate the criticism!

  4. A lot of that can be build up from the oil on your skin. Or nicotine. Or whatever it is you do. Do you wash your hands regularly? Or moisturize them?

  5. My 2000 classic looks like a blunt wrap at this point, the nicotine will getcha, can confirm

  6. Dragon blew fire on him, he’s deceased and physically unable to text back is all

  7. I actually have a grizzly hills one uploaded already! Kind of want to do a different version though, I’m not 100% happy with it lol

  8. Unironically please make a Soundcloud profile for these. I'd love to add them to my playlists there.

  9. Damn, I need to put them up onto my SoundCloud, I’ll hit you up tomorrow, I’ve been meaning to get them all uploaded

  10. I wonder if there was a house rule for keeping your eyes off Mark’s knockers

  11. Thank you so much! I suck at this kind of stuff but I had the idea and wanted to make it, ha

  12. I wish I could blame hackers or other shit, but I just suck

  13. For a second I looked at my computer like a disappointed father

  14. Public restrooms always have shitty ass ventilation and usually never have windows, that’s why they always smell like grown dude poop

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