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  1. Weird how an under educated, poorly skilled, social backwater, narco state, run by corrupt fascists could somehow be unappealing to a major company. Our “leaders”tried to make the state slave-labor ready, but the optics surrounding our bullshit government usually means that anyone in a management position would rather lose their job than be suffocated in a redneck hell hole.

  2. I’ve never seen it so perfectly summed up. What are you, like, a word genius or something?

  3. Oh no! A middle age man takes care of his elderly mother! Yikes!

  4. A middle aged man who hasn’t started his own life because he’s caring for his mother—Y I K E S indeed.

  5. I’ve gotten a few moissanite beads in a couple different sizes, and I love them all. I turned this one into a pendant with some 14k gold filled 24 gauge wire - it’s like I’m wearing a little sun catcher.

  6. Wow! Is there a CAD or anything for this!? It’s sooo gorgeous!

  7. Looks like the OP did wirework to create the pendant, there wouldn't be a CAD.

  8. Yes seeing those decorated hallways made me so emotional. It’s all so wrong- wrong noises, wrong people in the hallways for the wrong reasons. The penguins on the bulletin board are going to stay with me.

  9. Yes it was so wrong. It looks like such a safe, beautiful place. As a mom, looking at the halls and beautiful meeting spaces in that building, it feels like if something so wrong and violent can happen there, it can happen anywhere. How am I supposed to protect my kids in this world? Ugh.

  10. Damn, they released that right quick. Probably because they aren’t ashamed of how they handled it, unlike Uvalde PD

  11. Watching this video I just sat here fucking furious for the lost children and bereaved parents of Uvalde. This is how police are supposed to respond to threats like this.

  12. I may be expressing an unpopular opinion but I think you should see him or at least speak to him. Tell him how his dismissal of you concerns could have let to you losing your life. Your experience may be the wake up call that he needs and may result in him being a better physician to his other patients- to actually listen to them instead of dismissing them and their concerns.

  13. This is my thought. “Look into my black face, and ask yourself why you dismissed my valid concerns for so long. Only you know the answer to that, I don’t know. You have to really ask yourself if you’ll ever be dismissive like this again. I’m a young woman, this could have been my life. You held my life in your hands and you just dropped it. If I hadn’t pushed the issue what would have happened?”

  14. Before I could get a license I had to watch videos of people crashing and dying. Not everyone here in Norway had to, but it worked like a charm for me. Seeing how easy it is to die or kill someone has made me quite aware of traffic safety.

  15. You can’t fathom what your mind has no material to simulate. “Crash” and “Injury” are such nebulous concepts to someone who has never seen anything worse than “that time Derek broke his ankle at football” or whatever. Seeing what it actually means….I’m not sure if it is a good idea to show this stuff to kids, but I’m CERTAINLY not sure it’s NOT a good idea.

  16. Your feelings are valid. This isn't a couples therapy issue. This is her issue. I would ask her to start therapy by herself. Of course say it with supportive compassion, but be firm in explaining that this needs to happen for the health of your marriage.

  17. Yes, exactly. OP needs to go home, look his wife in the face, and say: “Are you willing to save this marriage? Because it’s gotta be you, there’s nothing else I can do here aside from inventing a Time Machine. I will be at [brothers] house giving you space while you figure out what the next step is. I love you.”

  18. Holy shit I just stared at this picture for SO LONG thinking those were both your hands and I was so confused hahahahha I was like “damn, this chick had two left hands!” and then I was like “how is she taking this picture!!” my god I’m laughing so hard

  19. Yeah OP this is just wayyyy too thin. Definitely replace with something thicker!

  20. There’s obviously something going on that he doesn’t think is defensible, or else why delete messages?

  21. This is soooo lovely and I can’t WAIT to see it paired with a band!!

  22. I had a routine screening mammogram in 2017 that had a spot on it that I almost didn't have biopsied, because the doctor thought it was just a little spot of scar tissue.

  23. How old were you when this happened? I’m 39 and my doctor just mentioned mammograms for the first time…I was like “am I really here??”

  24. From what I've been reading I think he's who I'm leaning towards? Sorry if this is a dumb question but how exactly do you contact him? I checked the vendors list but only found the rep's Instagrams and the general website

  25. I wonder how many of them were raped. And then publicly shamed and humiliated afterward just putting salt in the wound.

  26. This is my take on this as well. What an incredible embarrassment that these women were further traumatized and ostracized when they needed healing, acceptance, and love so very badly.

  27. 3.82 ct (3-2 is our anniversary and 3 and 8 are our fave numbers) VVS2 on a 14ct white gold band :)

  28. I love this center stone! What size is your finger, if you don’t mind saying!

  29. What the fuck, OP?? Is this rage bait or something? You HAVE to be able to see that this is a child—NOT A WOMAN.

  30. You cannot universally say all women. Consenting adults owning their sexuality, it’s their business. Not mine or yours to say. My opinion isn’t incorrect just as your isn’t but nobody can impose their beliefs on others.

  31. You said “legalize” it, not “decriminalize” it…there’s a difference.

  32. Awesome! I’m getting really excited now. First yellow gold ring so I was a bit hesitant. I grew up always having white gold jewelry and never tried anything else on.

  33. There’s really no such thing as weird. There’s what you want to do, and what you don’t want to do.

  34. The width of the band being 2.7mm is my most favorite thing ever, I love wide bands!

  35. Thank you!! It’s my mother in laws ring set that her late husband had made for her from a couple of his old rings.

  36. Do you know how wide the beautiful band is? It looks like it’s at least 5mm, right?

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