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  1. Can you see any lines with them? I feel like when I’ve worn them before I saw lines. Or maybe it be better to go with longer style spanx like mid thigh length instead of more of a panty style since the skirts fit tighter at the butt and flare out a bit toward the legs.

  2. I use the mid-thigh shorts and don’t have any lines, they do sell skirt versions too. I don’t recommend the parties since those usually leave lines on the bum (what you’ve probably experienced).

  3. I have seen it at AA. One woman at my f2f table was pulled before we went on to the reach test and final 1 on 1 interview, but she ended up in my training class (I trained with 5 people from my f2f!). Several people who got cjos were panicking during the paperwork portion when they found out LAX was super senior and highly unlikely as a base, so I think they may have later declined/withdrew. The woman was super sweet and had a great personality, my guess is she was on the line of yes/no and when others dropped out, she got bumped up. It is possible, but I don’t think it’s a common occurrence.

  4. I stayed at the Hampton Inn DFW Airport South, very close to AA and a free shuttle.

  5. If there are any discrepancies or questions about your drug test, the testing center will contact you directly for clarification and any supporting documentation for prescriptions - they don’t alert AA unless you fail (even then I don’t think they reveal why).

  6. Not sure about pay, but AA Hebrew speakers only fly out of La Guardia and Miami, with Miami needing the most speakers currently. So be aware if you aren’t interested in that kind of relocation.

  7. If the city has a decent number of universities, look for people renting rooms to graduate students. They’re generally already furnished and in good areas. Or just look for rooms for rent in general - one of my classmates found a room with another FA already based in Philly on a Facebook group.

  8. The crew room in terminal A seems to be more of the hangout/waiting space, maybe you can crash there? I hate to say take out a loan, but the AA credit union does have one. Also consider selling your plasma or doing medical studies, I’ll be looking into that again as well.

  9. I think Kim had surgery on her body even before the ‘before’ pic. And Kendall doesn’t look like she altered her body that much with plastic surgery she’s just really obsessed with photoshop. Plus I’d imagine she would want to keep her frame small for her modelling career or whatever

  10. She got plastic surgery during her first marriage when she was 19 (~2000) - it’s mentioned in the divorce claims, she claims he forced her, he says she asked for it. That was way before her sex tape came out.

  11. I know it’ll be a disliked recommendation, but IKEA couches usually come packaged in boxes that easily fit through tight spaces. I fit my small sectional into the back of my Chevy Volt

  12. I’ve had a mid-range ikea couch for almost 12 years (moved it 3 times), if you take care of them they last. Plus you can get really nice custom covers from Bemz, even for discontinued styles.

  13. In my class they asked who were strong swimmers and who weren’t and assigned at least one strong swimmer to the non-swimmers (you go in groups of about 6) - always with a life vest. For the most part, the pool is all shallow until a bit before the raft, then you paddle over and the raft helpers assist you into the raft. There’s very little true swimming and you can just bob and kick if you can’t really swim (or a nice classmate will tow you). You are required to get into the water and participate, as it’s an FAA regulation. The pool is very cold, I recommend long sleeves and leggings for better coverage in the water.

  14. Wool blends will wear better long term and breathes better, the synthetic doesn’t hold color as well/will fade with washing and will not breathe/can make you hotter. I will always go with a natural fiber whenever possible (and I chose the wool blend).

  15. For women: Heel height is a min of 1/2 inch up to 3 inches. They must be all black leather/leather-like (no suede or patent), without embellishment. Deviations are accepted at the discretion of the image team. You can have a pair of flats for inflight (keep to the heel standards for appearance if you wear them during training).

  16. I don’t recall them asking to see my vaccination card at the f2f (in August), just asking if I was because you have to upload your card later. I think they accepted appointment confirmations for the second shot as proof. They will also be sending you info on the required items/requirements to show up for the f2f, so you’ll know if you need to delay after that email.


  18. Do you have to be past a certain weight for a prescription?

  19. In the US, you can get it off label from med spas, but it’s pricy (insurance won't cover it for non-health reasons). IGFamousbyDana is currently using it to lose ~20 lbs.

  20. Philly is a passport processing city, so you can get one very quickly! You need to buy a refundable ticket (either plane or train) out of the country. Then you make an appointment at the passport office in Philly and tell them you need to travel for work/emergency/etc and you can get either a same day, 24 hour, or 48 hour renewal. Make sure you have a printout of your ticket, all your paperwork ready, and new photos (best to get a bunch just in case there are issues, they’ve been stricter). You’ll pay an extra fee for expediting it, but will get it asap. I did this 7 years ago when I needed a new passport and didn’t want to wait - I bought a train ticket to Canada and said I had to go on a very last minute business trip.

  21. Is that how they get the ozempic to lose weight…they take it from Rob for his diabetes

  22. You can get it from a med-spa for weight loss, it’s not difficult just expensive when used off label.

  23. That she had a threesome with Rita Ora and Taika Watiti - based on pics of the three making out.

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