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  1. This could be a could time for you and your DS to hang before baby gets here. It also may help with him being so clinging.

  2. Look your son seems to be struggling with dealing with having two parents in two very different income brackets. Instead of talking with him calmly about his feelings about the gifts; you and your husband start to attack him and threaten to pull his educational funding.

  3. Have you and DH discussed at what point she’ll be asked to leave your party?

  4. Let me guess. They just want you to bring the kid over and are now realizing that relying on their son to plan visits limits their time with your kid. So they’re pressuring you to visit alone.

  5. The fact that they think it’s reasonable to tell their adult son to quit his job and move back to their home shows it no so much about the two of you not being married but their control is being lost. I think she’s just pretending everything is fine while she plots her next move. And if you go ahead and get married, that’s just a chance for her to show who she really is. Because she should be happy but I doubt she’ll like it.

  6. NTA. How exactly do the parents want you to tell them about their son’s stalking?

  7. You don’t need to explain the boundaries. Just stick to rules and consequences.

  8. Do NOT confront her. Take your husband’s lead and block her. It is not your responsibility to have contact with his family.

  9. The only thing I feel I need to confront her on is that she will not be involved in my son’s life. Since her narc text to my husband I haven’t had any contact with her. Her obsession with my son is alarming to me.

  10. It should be alarming. But she’s not going to believe you if you tell her that. She may even switch up her manipulative behavior.

  11. I’m so sorry to hear about the dog. If it’s just too much for you to be here right now, we all will understand.

  12. Your husband can thank her. He needed that formula for his kid too.

  13. Since your husband has to be present for all interactions. Have him thank her and let her know how much use your daughter will get out of it. Because your right it’s not for you, she’s just trying to see how she can get you to contact her.

  14. So your friend thinks being able to contact you and alleviate the guilt she feels is more important than the time you need to process your feelings on the situation. That seems like one selfish apology she wanted to give.

  15. I wouldn’t respond. First, I wouldn’t put anything in writing that established a visitation. Second, I wouldn’t give attention to this guilt trippy email. Ignore it.

  16. YTA. I don’t think this has anything to do with your mom’s cooking. Your wife is nesting and sometimes the need to cook or prepare meals is part of nesting. Your wife may not have had a good way to explain it but she’s a grown adult growing a human and if she feels the need to do something that isn’t hurting anyone, let her do it.

  17. She’s given you a gift with the group chats. Now any updates you want to send (or DH) send through the group chat. Everyone gets updates at the same time when you prefer to update them. If she’s on the phone or in person, grey rock. She won’t have much info to share and it’ll be weird if she starts a group chat without you to give her own updates.

  18. If your wife thinks it’s okay for your sister to be gay but not her sister…that’s still homophobic. Would she still feel this way if her sister was dating your brother?

  19. There is a good chance your MIL is using the police as a threat to break the NC. So, I think the conversation you need is with your wife. Would she rather have a planned conversation with the non-emergency police line about the situation or have them randomly show up for a welfare check? What would make your wife more comfortable?

  20. So your Gf would rather you introduce two neglectful non-parental figures that you have no relationship with than your supportive adoptive figurative sister. I think you should be questioning if you and gf have the same family values. Is she really considering your feelings or does she just want the look of parents meeting each other?

  21. Buy new underwear. Take all your old underwear and give it to her since she so intrigued by what your wear under your clothes. Bonus, if you do it on a family gift giving holiday. Just kidding… sort of.

  22. I get that it’s difficult to listen to him talk so freely with someone who bullies you. And I feel like him allowing this rug sweeping is just going to make it harder for him to have a relationship with his mother in future. At some point she’s going to ask about you, ask why he isn’t seeing her as much, why she never hears about you or see you? I’m not saying this is going to happen next week but at some point, people realize they are being avoided.

  23. NTA. It has a lot to do with your sister. She’s your son’s aunt. And it sounds like she’s going to be a great aunt, standing up for not just her nephew but also her brother and his bf and the family you have created.

  24. You are not over reacting. As someone who had a distant mother before I became pregnant, I get it. She thinks just because your pregnant, some how you’re close.

  25. She’s hurt. Not because she hurt you but because she’s having to deal with the consequences of her actions. She’s sad because she hasn’t figured out yet how to spin this situation in her favor. She’s upset because her usually tactics aren’t working in you.

  26. Definitely a SO problem. He should be telling her to leave you alone.

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