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  1. Bruh, how was Bumrah's 35 off 6 not the best batting performance

  2. Ideally we would use robots to do dangerous or jobs that nobody wants to do.

  3. I though of this only, but if one were to use robots for this, then we would need one to mantain and service those robots, and then that would make that the new "dirty/unskilled" jon

  4. The tough and dirty and essential jobs would have to be paid enough that people would choose to do them.

  5. It was called el classico before both of them as these two were the two historically biggest and best clubs in all of Spain and Europe

  6. Why has the squad only been declared for the first two tests instead of all 4, also wtf is Sky doing in tests?

  7. Jab do words ka bhi wo paalan nahi kar paye to purey sikhi ka kya hi paalan karenge?

  8. Firstly, thise 2 words do not describe a Sikh, but Hod itself, God is Fearless and Has No Enemies is the meaning of those two words. Secondly, the Guru Granth Sahib unlike the Gita is not a book that can be stowed away in a bookshelf it is considered to be a living embodiment of the 11th guru, and the so called “rituals” of it are, dressing the book apropriately, have a special space to be alloted for it and taking care that proper decorum is followed in the presence of it, unlike pouring water on the sun or milk on a rock

  9. I will not reply to this comment further as I do not wish to engage is a debate with a worthless troll like you, however, keeping the Rituals aside, the Sikh Community would have an issue if the Guru Granth Sahib Ji was placed in a mandir, mosque, pagoda, church or any other place of worship other than a Gurdwara. Secondly, before commenting on one's religion have proper knowledge of it, Hindu Gods have been acknowledged in the Guru Granth Sahib as well, and it also does contain the scriptures of Tusli Das, Kabir Das, Meera and various Bhakti Poets.

  10. Can anyone provide Jadeja's stats during this time period?

  11. The BCCI is cash rich and so obviously attracts attention from the government, but to my understanding it fears government interference rather than welcomes it, and is structured to be a completely private entity. Maybe someone with more knowledge in India can elaborate on the particulars of its governance, if that would be helpful.

  12. Brother, Jay Shah was allowed to hold office when it was illegal for him to, he is still in the BCCI committee. Along with this Saurav ganguly was made President as BJP wanted him to represent them in Bengal, however Ganguly distanced himself from politics completely after getting the BCCI post, thus it did not work out and he was removed. And what about PCB, Rambo was replaced just because a new PM sits in the office, like there is a government interference in all Cricketing bodies, might be major or minor depending country upon country

  13. In ipl ,Gujrat titans were made fun of and many people thought they will lose all games ,they went on the win the trophy

  14. I had always claimed for them to be dark horses, I had said either they would win or get the wooden spoon, i stand by it for this edition as well. Last time Tewatia and Miller and Rashid have pulled games out of unwinnable situations for this to happen

  15. Look at KL's confidence now..true god of bilaterals

  16. Fake. should have atleast tried to spoof it well. Laptop gpu doesn't have Laptop in it. sometime none of mobile gpu

  17. Expect failure and you will not be disappointed -idk who but was from a movie ig

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