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Macho Man Randy Savage with Possibly the Best Answer to ‘Do You Cry?'

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  1. Is there a good strategy for getting JQBs? It's the last seed I need.

  2. i’m at level 7 farms. so i can gun for 4 at a time. however, if you wait until just after a tick, you can start hitting refresh over and over till one pops up. (if you’re willing to save scum) personally, i’ve rationalized it in my head to being semi-legitimate so I just did that.

  3. You mean Seedless to Nay? No, that's just an achievement with a bonus effect.

  4. Makes sense. I Thought maaaybe, you’d get additional bonuses each time you sacrificed.

  5. i peed next to him. did not look at it, though in hindsight, it would’ve put me in a much smaller group of people

  6. It might not be a super popular choice, but at the top of her game, Celine Dion’s pipes are ridiculous. Other artists mentioned here might be more deserving of the title due to their songwriting, but homegirl’s voice is powerful in the most literal sense of the word.

  7. Celine has a good voice, but a generation of people got tired of hearing it everywhere they went in 1997.

  8. I am definitely part of that generation, and I feel that sentiment, but you can’t really blame her for Titanic being a cultural juggernaut, and Heart will go on isn’t the best showcase of her abilities anyway. I’d be happy never hear that recorder intro again tho.

  9. I would cry if a Septencentennial achievement was added. I'm anyways out here fighting for my life trying to get the required amount of Cortex Bakers for any of those

  10. You gotta mention Chucky’s Fuck you from the original Child’s Play!

  11. Kid’s got a Rob Paulson thing going on with his voice. I like it.

  12. lol. watch Tampopo . You’ll love it. It explores food’s relationship to all aspects of life, but not sexuality. No siree. No way.

  13. Am I wrong in thinking that this really wouldn’t be a massive safety hazard? Let’s say you went as far as rigging a bbq lighter underneath one of the balloons. Wouldn’t it just create a bit of a “fwoosh” type fireball that may not even affect the nearby balloons, much less the operator of the contraption?

  14. Some broad gets on there with a staticky sweater and, boom, it's "oh, the humanity!"

  15. If he’s married to the look, turning his boxes into forms, and making pavers by pressing the same river rock into concrete would make the project last a little longer.

  16. Fresh parsley. Many TV cooks use it to add some freshness at the end of a dish. But I never have it on hand because it spoils quickly, and I won't make a trip to the market to get it for a recipe.

  17. I can kill herb plants with the best of them, but Even I have a hard time murdering (flat leaf) parsley. Having a big plant on hand means you can do the fresh parsley thing all the time, And I do.

  18. Well one plot issue already. Birds were already shown when exiting the city and walking towards the stairs.

  19. poo. well, pretend I either added the words “up close,” or just removed “for the first time.”

  20. I really don’t see any other reason to light up that screen in the final shot for any other reason than to imply that B/12 is alive and integrated into the city, and the views from the control room show a lot of city left to be explored. Kitty has now gained the experience to lead the clowder back into the city to meet all the nice companions, and potentially integrate them into their society while B/12 provides guidance to all from above. It would be interesting to see the “scientist quartet” set up shop in the control room where they work with B/12 on things like:

  21. It seems like they are severely allergic to light which indicates that they wouldn't have any kind of adaption to deal with high or low light environments. So the fact that the eyes do not dilate kind of makes sense because they don't ever go into the light and back out of it.

  22. Not sure if I was the only one but I wanted to pop them with the flashlight lmao

  23. if you’re on the short part where you have to weave through the narrow path between them, just go slow. If you’re on the part where there are 2 switches in the large area with water, and big columns in the middle, you can pre-emptively pop almost all of them with the light gun, and mop up from a safe spot on a pipe.

  24. be thankful as hell for a baby goat AND and expensive ass range.

  25. With a little more thought there is a slim possibility that it would be Randall’s if their house is closer to Kemah. There is that Arlans that has been around nasa rd 1 practically forever.

  26. An Arlan’s would’ve been an awesome Easter egg. I’ll be nearby tomorrow playing disc golf at Taylor lake.

  27. I’m at the tail end i believe. Just glucosimium, and prism’s onward to unshackle, (+the last veil upgrade, but that’s kinda useless to me.) Now its just a matter of getting my last 10 garden plants. I’ve been putting lots of time into it, but haven’t been playing more than 2 weeks or so. I think it’s time to put the game away for awhile, and come back to a few sugarlumps to play with. Unless I get frenzy+EF+CF (from FTHOF)+Godzamok, nothing else puts a dent in my bank. It gets a little old just waiting on rare combos like that.

  28. If it’s one of those thin plastic hanging pots and it’s full of soil, (pretty likely) I can honestly imagine a good, square sock feeling kinda satisfying; sorta like hitting a baseball just right.

  29. Sweet Dreams in the Southeast. really cool ice cream and candy shop.

  30. What course of action are all of you planning to take? or…”Ch’all ‘gon do?” I really like how they’re both in cynically the same language.

  31. I didn't try and get the 7, 77, and 777 upgrades early enough. Now my prestige level is in the quadrillions, and it only increases in multiples of 8. I've tried to slow crawl to 1 so I can get the counter to be odd so it's possible to hit 777, but it jumps from 0 to 8.

  32. that's not how it works anymore. your total prestige needs to have exactly one 7 in it for the first one, two for the next, and four for the last one. doesn't have to be at the end.

  33. It does’t have to be at the end, but it’s still the easiest and quickest to accomplish in your situation. Before reincarnating, Just work out whatever relatively tiny 4, or 5 digits worth of prestige you’ll need for end op with your four 7’s. I was in the same boat yesterday having forgotten to snag those achievements, and this strategy took about 5 minutes, maybe less.

  34. Go for it early in an ascension when your prestige points are low before you buy too much of anything. I think the programming won't allow for single point precision if your current meter is crazy high. There's no need to go beyond 4-5 digits. I literally just figured this out today believe it or not.

  35. But wouldn’t they have already done that with the core sample they did?

  36. Her concern was that the single core sample wasn’t nearly thorough enough. Kelly, and Ed both agreed that her training, and NASA’s equipment were better suited than Helios’ to search for Martian life. Her skills, and qualifications in extreme biology were why she was selected, trained, and brought to Mars. Ed reneged on his promise to bring her along, and showed Kelly that her father, (and Helios & Russia for that matter) didn’t fully respect either her, or the field she’d devoted her life to. Their willingness to half-ass the due diligence before potentially spoiling the most likely place to make Mankind’s biggest discovery has her a little miffed.

  37. No I get it now that you put it the above way but I’m saying wouldn’t the core sample introduce the earth bacteria enough to kill any mars bacteria potentially? I’ll admit I thought this was more of an issue of them drinking and getting sick vs them killing it off so I get that then

  38. You’re totally right. Just taking the sample was a risk, but I’d say it was one they deemed acceptable as it was much shallower than the actual aquifer, and the goal was only to find bio-signatures like certain chemicals, or “skeletons“ of microorganisms to serve as evidence. We’ve got a pretty good idea of what to look for, but it could take some out-of-the-box thinking to identify non-earth life. edit: It’s funny, but I really wasn’t considering what you initially thought either. Potential pathogens really would be worth checking for!

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