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The Houston Astros (Javier, Abreu, Montero, Pressly) have thrown a combined no-hitter against the Philadelphia Phillies in Game 4 of the World Series!

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  1. I decided to start trying to read some classics. On a whim, I started here. It was so damn depressing, I just quit with classics for awhile.

  2. Where’s Redlight/Greenlight!? Also rollerblading tryhards accidentally mowing down 7-year-olds in birthday hats

  3. No more or less punctuation is required in any of those sentences for them to be both syntactically and grammatically correct! 🤣

  4. You’re right. Using, ”Bring” does technically change the meaning of the sentence. Personally, i’ve never really considered the difference, and I’m happy to learn a new way to be more clear in my own use of language. That comment does come off as pretty pedantic though.

  5. so can you harvest caviar from these american species? is that a thing? genuinely curious.

  6. i’ve liked everyone’s suggestions, but this one is right up my alley

  7. Lol, so he is the one responsible for scenes ending with the single piece note.

  8. TIL I learned that people didn't like the new Doctor Strange movie, and I don't know why

  9. I just could not stand Wanda in that movie. I couldn’t empathize with her motivation, and to me it seemed like the entire plot was driven by her utter irrationality. I’m getting riled up thinking about it actually. Being what amounts to a god, but a psychological train-wreck has been done well, and i believe there could be a way to nail Wanda’s specific brand of that, but this movie sure ain’t it.

  10. I thought I remembered Cox being all plastic surgeried out. She looks great here. I’m not against cosmetic surgery,i just get disappointed when I see an actor I used to find attractive opt out of natural aging.

  11. This one registers high on the speak-for-yourself-o-meter.

  12. Well, I’m not a conjoined twin or hive mind or anything so yeah you’re right.

  13. my wife doesn’t like it, and I will NEVER UNDERSTAND. that. it’s amazing, and terrifying.

  14. using Christmas as an occasion to pull the trigger on said (thoughtfully considered, and prepared for) 15 year commitment a-ok with me.

  15. I started watching “From Dusk Till Dawn” without knowing anything at all about the movie. It takes a very rapid turn that I did not see coming at all.

  16. The sheriff getting shot, and beginning to convulse on the floor actually did fuck me up for awhile for some reason. Something about that detail took it from a movie “headshot” to a person’s brain getting destroyed.

  17. FOMO. Sometimes I think about life like doomscrolling FB or reddit. Even if it’s mostly boring, and sometimes depressing crap, something cool could always be a few clicks (days) away. I don’t wanna miss whatever it is.

  18. There is an actual phenomenon named after Seinfeld about how old beloved works appear clichéd and derivative even though they were the ones to actually create or popularize those clichés:

  19. Airplane! is definitely my example of choice for this phenomenon.

  20. And it’s kitty* no tiddy. He wants some pussy 🐱

  21. 7 months after posting, I have to wake up on a Saturday, and learn that a line the wife and I quote regularly is infinitely less funny than we thought it was. I won’t be telling her, and will in fact deal with this disappointment by pretending I didn’t see the correction in the first place.

  22. Aw man I’m sorry lol. Just did a rewatch of this great show. And hopped on Reddit. I got so excited when I saw this post cause I knew what you were talking about. But I also knew what they’re really saying!

  23. Began collecting EVERYTHING needed to be able to make every single drink in Smuggler's Cove. It's going to take awhile for sure as I'm only getting a bottle or two per paycheck. I made the hellfire tincture yesterday, and today is for making oregat, and grenadine. Will definitely photograph the collection once it's complete.

  24. This was funny, and it reminded me of one of my all favorite youtube videos. it’s a classic, so you might have seen it already:

  25. Ok, I’m going to say they are ugly, but you have to believe me when I say it’s a compliment in this case. I truly love them. If I went to a tiki party, and everyone had one of these in their hand, I’d be happy as hell.

  26. Looks like a Houstonian who’s been to Disney to me.

  27. I understand the thought, but I have a feeling a lot of people ask Reddit instead of googling, because they are looking for more context, and a more human perspective then a search algorithm can give them. This certainly isn’t true in every case, but even for the dumbest questions, I try to remind myself that scrolling by one extra post isn’t that big of a deal.

  28. Watch his video carefully, it says the same thing for these two infinities.

  29. It’s been awhile since i’ve seen it. I definitely don’t remember what the actual conclusions were. I’m not even happy with the joke, since I scrolled down and saw it was made several other times already.

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