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  1. How come no one’s talking about how bizarre it is that someone took a video of Becca and Thomas and then airdropped it to them? Fame seems awful.

  2. Do you think melting crayons to paint with would be at all effective? Or would they also have weird toxins?

  3. It depends on what pigments were used to colour the various crayons. I know a lot of crayons are marketed as "non toxic" but they aren't formulated to be heated. I'd do some research into what was used to colour the crayons you want to heat and compare it to the list I provided of toxic chemicals to avoid.

  4. Yeah, I was just thinking typical Crayolas, not sure if they’re transparent about the pigments they use. But I’ll try to find out. Thanks again!!!

  5. Sorry OP! Clearly this troll is just bitter. They’ve been banned!

  6. Sorry OP! This user is clearly a spiteful troll. We’ve banned them.

  7. Seriously where are the mods in this sub? It’s out of control

  8. What? I (OP) am a mod 😂…this post was illustrating how many reposts flood our queue weekly. The stuff you see is the tip of the iceberg compared to what we remove.

  9. Curious that you choose to make a post about the “repetitive” posts about Raven and Sikiru yet largely do nothing for the actual repetitive Zanab posts

  10. Honestly, we were underprepared and short-staffed when the season was airing, which is why we didn’t have as many megathreads compared to S1 & S2, which might have helped cull down the reposts. We have a bunch of new mods who joined who are keen on cleaning up a lot of the Zanab and Cole posts, which we all agree is totally needed.

  11. Fully agree, OP, which is why that post and the comment you linked both were deleted before you even made this post. Posts or comments that make negative generalizations about an entire country or culture do not belong in this sub. But honestly, we miss a lot of stuff because we failed to staff adequately before the new season (which we are trying to fix now that we’re drowning less). Please report things when you see them. And more importantly, my hope is your post raises awareness so that others in this sub can be allies and report stuff since the burden shouldn’t fall solely on those who are harmed or targeted by the offense. I’m so terribly sorry that you’re feeling othered by this sub, OP! Hope we can do better by you and others feeling that way.

  12. Wow, looks like we chose comically bad timing to announce this! Yes,

  13. Not going to disagree that the sub's been out of control and needs more moderation! But I do find it ironic given we've removed 3 of your comments in the last few days for being reported as unnecessarily rude towards others :/ Be the change that you want to see?

  14. I’m not sure why it’s happening if from your end everything looks fine, but I made a post about it and other users have been having the same issue.

  15. Very weird! I wonder if they’re being flagged by AutoModerator for some reason because we definitely do have image posts enabled in our settings. Will try to investigate after work.

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