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  1. The video you linked there. Redline rumble 4. That's exactly it! Thank you so much!

  2. No worries! I found a couple of others with minis, but because they looked more 'on rails' - that's why I linked number 4!

  3. If it came with the Amiga, was it bundled in with an official pack like one of

  4. Happy to help, it is indeed a great site, you just need a LOT of time to browse! haha

  5. Perhaps Plateau Suisse or a close relative of it. It's a game with discs thrown on a 3 x 5 board with numbers and some other squares to put a player's score higher or lower.

  6. Thank you, this is so much closer than anything else I've found so far! I'll just leave it a little longer before marking as found if that's ok, feeding back to the family to see if it rings any bells also! Much obliged for your help!

  7. GTi Club? Though other cars in those games (there were a few, I think)

  8. Sounds like 720 for NES. Here is some gameplay:

  9. You got it, too! There was another post that I think got it first, but thanks so much for helping out with suggestions :-)

  10. Not quite a dungeon, and not consistently top corners of the screen either, but memory does sometimes play tricks.

  11. What about in terms of looks? Similar style/age graphics etc? Or way off?

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