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Ghislaine Maxwell won't fight to keep John Doe names sealed

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  1. it’s pretty common knowledge that in the nuclear power industry they have spent fuel storage pools that are pretty safe places to be around, radiation-wise. They're actually safe to swim in, to a point, because they're serviced routinely by human divers. They just can't get too close to the spent fuel.

  2. Tesla for one. He’s responsible for most single day drops of the company because he’s belligerent and unpredictable

  3. Wait you’re saying the global leader for EV cars and infrastructure….which has a trillion dollar market capitalization … somehow unsuccessful.

  4. So getting a billionaire into space is more important than all his employees barely having living wages. Yes bro

  5. NASA just launched the James webb. They had no reason to launch people into space yet. That's not their function. The private sector can do it because like always they aren't concerned about externalities. NASA is Far superior model for space exploration. It's not about speed. It's easy to go fast when you don't care about externalities. China builds its cities fast, do to think they superior?

  6. When I was in college, I wanted to be one too. When I was at a space conference I met a medical doctor, who was in the Navy, flew jets, and did research on the effects of high gravity on pilots. NASA turned him down. I figured if he couldn't get in with his qualifications, I had no chance.

  7. Reminds me of the fable of the frogs. The frogs asked Zeus to send them a king so Zeus sent them a log. Log was a pushover (because it was inanimate) so the frogs jumped all over the log and made fun of the log. They complained and asked for another king. Zeus sent them a water snake / heron / stork, which proceeded to wreck shit up and eat the frogs. The frogs prayed to Zeus for another king but Zeus laughed and told them they have to live with what they wished for.

  8. The liberal college town of Amherst, Massachusetts, is considering a ban on new large-scale solar projects that’s supported by, among other groups, the local chapter of the supposedly radical youth climate movement Sunrise.

  9. My father did appliance repair for Sears. He was able to buy an average home and pay it off by retirement. Things have changed so much.

  10. Yes, but smarter people than you proceed to look at what's impacting the supply and demand. We don't just say "supply and demand" then switch our brains off.

  11. If you think it's some sort of virtue to let hundreds of thousands of your fellow citizens suffer entirely preventable hospitalizations because you'd rather have different people make the same decision, you're a fucking sociopath.

  12. So they regulate issues relating to health in public spaces, but they don't have a role in public health measures?

  13. Pretty much. FedSoc probably has a slight advantage just because "the status quo" is a more discrete ideology to advance. In contrast, there's a lot more varying degrees of progressivism, which leads to more factions. But both groups are highly visible in the judiciary.

  14. Using their numbers, this works out to $175,500/yr, which would be a totally reasonable salary for someone with a masters in the tech field, so why not teachers? They're almost certainly more important (said as someone in tech).


  16. About a third of Intel's fabs are already in the US

  17. The typical Ford Motor Company Assembly Line Worker salary is $21 per hour in the United States. The typical Tesla Assembly Line Worker salary is $22 per hour in the United States.

  18. I do not want to judge your numbers, but they seem incorrect. Any company with the billions of dollars in capital to open ever more new locations likely has access to enough capital to pay their workers more.

  19. What is success? A corporation that kills small businesses because of price undercutting while its workers use food stamps is successful and also awful.

  20. There won't be any positive outcomes here. OSS involves engineers explicitly. It's maddening that, in 2022, we still look to business "leaders" for policy advice on tech.

  21. That MAY be true for GDPR, i havent looked much into it, but “regulation is bad for small business” is one of their talking points that, repeated loudly and often enough, convinces the working class to vote against their own best interests.

  22. Interesting, so did big tech very loudly lobby against GDPR because they want to help their competition?

  23. Literally nobody is saying that there is no biological difference between males and females.

  24. If gender is social then why is it when some people have gender dysphoria they tend to want to behave and been seen as a stereotypical member of said gender?

  25. I think people are getting upset and misunderstanding that stance. Gender- like many things in society, is just a construct. They’re saying that yes there is no such thing as woman and man. There is such a thing as male and female, biologically, but when it comes to what society views as masculine/feminine…. It’s all made up. So if one person identifies more with the other gender ideal or with both…. Why does it matter. Many other cultures have had a “third sex” for people like this. This isn’t something new.

  26. Ummmmm you think the US government will bailout a Taiwanese company if they declare bankruptcy?

  27. i swear some of the posts i see here, like the one you responded to, have to either be bots or are proof of the utter failure of the education system.

  28. Bad news: TSMCs price gouging has resulted in 14 new chip fabs under construction worldwide and online by 23, when that happens, Taiwan is no longer needed by the US and China can do whatever they want.

  29. Everyone is missing the cost reductions due to reusable rockets and certain companies trying to minimize cost per kg to orbit means NASA can do waaaaaaay more for waaaaay less.

  30. Huh. I didn't realize the need for an all new space station, why not just reposition the existing asset and expand it as needed?

  31. The old space station was designed around components that could be carried by the space small components. Also those components are old and some of them (russian) have cracks.

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