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  1. A few years ago, people would say small. I’m sure most are telling you medium these days.

  2. Honestly, it doesn’t look too bad to me :) I hope you get the result you like though, since it’s highly subjective. Definitely hold your vendor accountable to any terms of the agreement you have in place.

  3. Awesome, I’m close to signing with them

  4. What size panels, how many and what price did they give you?

  5. System Size: 6.8kW,, 17 Panels: Panasonic EVPV400H,, 17 Microinverters: Enphase IQ8M,, Price: $2.70/watt

  6. Sickkkkk. Love love love my Omakase

  7. 10x16 is big enough to pump and carve around. Try not pushing, or at least so hard so you are rolling slower across the slab. I like

  8. I was going to reply with this video as well. Great tutorial to get ya started. Something else that may help is using stiffer soled shoes. I find I get better leverage from my skate shoes than my running shoes. Barefoot is always a nice experience as well. Most of all just keep shredding 🤙

  9. I used to skate barefoot, but I got some blisters and smacked my big toe on the pavement too many times. I figured I should wear shoes until I got a better feel for it. Guess I have an excuse to buy some shoes now whoooo

  10. I feel it. I typically don’t surf skate barefoot outside of my garage, but I know many who do. Def look into a nice pair of skate shoes, you’ll feel the difference in leverage. II prefer Nike SB’s or Vans, but any brand should do it.

  11. How is the tan tien? Was looking at one the other day and ended up get a LandYatchz Drop Hammer White Pinecone

  12. Tan Tien is amazing. My first ❤️. Very versatile. Just feels good to ride, carve and free ride on

  13. How does the omakase ride compared to the blue board? I'm considering getting CX's

  14. Larger platform with a bit more concave, so more stable and easier to get leverage. Longer wheelbase, so a bit less agile, but this thing is still pretty surfy/slidy on the CXs with snakes. Def recommend CX, they feel great with upgraded riptide pivot cups and nipple bushings

  15. Is that a knuckle in a C7? Nice setup!

  16. He never told us you figure out what 30$ mystery box is yet lol

  17. Give Da Sting a look too. Love mine on C7

  18. Amazing! Bless you for sharing

  19. Some prime time SBs right here

  20. Awesome! I have orange knuckles on my yow meraki. I had to modify the bushings by shaving them down a bit to get them to fit. Definitely a worthwhile upgrade though!

  21. Nice! I’ve been cruising it a bit more and the Purple/Yellow combo is perfect for me at 260lbs. I’ve got a purple knuckle on my C7 and it feels leany just like I like it. Yow Meraki is the next system I’m interested in once I get the itch again, then Aquilo 🤙

  22. Giants fan here, fuck the dodgers, but the joints on the left are hard af

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