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  1. I don't know shit about this game, just like playing it, so might be a dumb question. When they say converted mana cost, is that also the dedicated(don't know the right lingo) mana as well?

  2. Anything where it gets cancelled before its conclusion.

  3. Can't remember the name, but it was something like clockwork knight or some shit. That first level was so fun. I never picked it up, but I still remember playing that level for several weeks

  4. In my younger years it was just another reason to get hammered with my buddies, but now it's more like going to work and being with my family. Wife usually makes carrot cake, which I enjoy. Maybe some cocaine and strippers. I'm old so it's not that crazy.

  5. My job is easily replaced and the amount I'm making there isn't a price I can get anywhere else. I'm the cog in the wheel.

  6. If only the plates hadn't had any identifying marks, this mf would be the only mf with a bunch of shit on the car, identifying itself by being the only car that identifies itself like that.

  7. I'm saying I'm not sure if she left after bouncer told us to leave. She has allowed to head back into the bar to tell her friends, or whatever, while I was escorted out by him personally. So that's the story. I left and don't know what happened to her.

  8. It’s not that I “DISLIKE” her I just think a lot of the stuff she does is stupid she in no way is a character I dislike but compared to others logically yeah I dislike her.

  9. So you don't don't dislike her, but dislike her. Gotcha.

  10. I'm with ya, bro. But I'd have to use it for bills. But I might save some of it for it.

  11. Nah, the energy is just repackaged and reused

  12. I think that monotone announcer articulated it best.

  13. Just the confidence of that shot. Strong.

  14. The best answer would be shit from the same time period that they'd never see in real life.

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