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  1. You already fucked up, just put on a smile and make sure the rest of the day goes well

  2. Who needs to know bell ends, anyway. I'm already one.

  3. There is no choice, they already have your security deposit you give it to them when you move in. I see that he’s in Australia so idk how much different it is, but in America the homeowners can deny your security deposit for the tiniest infraction

  4. Yeah. Sure. But if someone comes and fucks up the house, you're not on the hook for that. And if they keep the deposit because of that, then you can go after the landlord. All I'll saying is there are choices instead of eating it.

  5. From reading OP’s comments it seems like he has no evidence that someone else did it, so unfortunately they’ll probably be eating it

  6. File a police report. Small claimsif you have to

  7. I'd say if you can't feel for other people then you might have a problem.

  8. Everyone hated them unless you liked em. I'd say the Patriots, but you might be too young for that. Remember when they switched the Blues clues guy? Like that for adults

  9. Sire a son with their daughter with your festering seed.

  10. Looks like it jumps from 07 to 14 and the last entry was in 18

  11. Yeah, I fast fingered it. Looks like no one checking out shit for 7 years.

  12. I, too, have eaten more than I should've. All you can eat spaghetti for 7 bucks is a curse.

  13. Sorry, I only eat food in bar form.

  14. Your opinion means shit if it goes against what is norm

  15. What's weird is I'm right on board with you

  16. Favorite tool video is The Pot. At least, whatever youtube says is the video for The Pot. Reminds me of the old Children's Circle shorts.

  17. Mine is vicarious. But you can't do wrong with any of their old videos. Weird as fuck, but I swear it gives more context to the songs.

  18. Tears up skylines. Is skyline. You think Godzilla could catch it?

  19. This is common deer behavior. Mom will come back later.

  20. A cold Mexican beer after I mow the lawn. Twilight hour.

  21. Don't tell me when to cum. Tell me where.

  22. Guaranteed if that is by me I'm fucking it.

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