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  1. I may be misunderstanding the question but gta v if you swim or boat out to the edge of a water part of the map a shark comes and eats you. No surviving it. Also if you boat to it your boat just sinks haha

  2. And if you try to cross in a plane, one of your wing breaks, you start crashing while flipping on the side, and when you finally hit water, the shark comes to eat you, no way out.

  3. My three favorite shows are Knight Rider, St. Elsewhere, and Boy Meets World.

  4. Feeny! Feeny! Feeny! Feeny! Feeny! Feeny! Feeny! Feeny! Feeny! Feeny!

  5. I would gladly vote for Mr. Feeny? I'm confident that he would be a great President.

  6. I loved him as dumb and funny. But as a side note I hate when shows change a characters personality for no apparent reason.

  7. Omg I saw the hentai pad then the tip of your sock and was like omg they are gonna play with themselves first🀣🀣🀣🀣

  8. I know this may not be an option but I legit just bought more stuff haha

  9. Sorry to tell you this, but I don’t think that’s a bot. The bots usually don’t respond like that. They are programmed to respond to certain keywords, not to ask questions to learn more. If you create confusion most are even programmed to stop messaging you and message somebody else instead.

  10. Well I call anyone/thing that randomly messages me for sale of anything a thotbot

  11. It took you a year to reply to this? Dude, if you are in a group chat, sometimes people will dm to start conversations and create a closer bond to people they find interresting. There is no ”pussypass” about this, she just said ”Hi” and you acted like an ass.

  12. Lord🀦 give me strength. I don't get on Reddit every day. Take the post for what it is or don't. But this is how I deal with thotbots. You don't have to like it. But it's what I do. Handle them any way you want. But I'll be an ass if it keeps me from being asked to buy pictures of some random woman's butthole

  13. On a personal level I only prefer hard copies. I have a few digitals but only because that's all they have. But when psn stopped selling 8 different games that I Paid $30 or more on, the. Was like to bad so sad that cemented my love of physical

  14. I have actually had a few quickies in the Wendy's bathroom when I worked there

  15. Good luck.ive had a few "I mean it moments" but I'm super serious and we can get through this together

  16. Trust me I know the feeling. I lurk here more than post but these guys help me more than they know

  17. Darlin I plan on dying while someone rides my face so no weight limit here😍😍

  18. It was a big victory. It gets easier, keep going. Remember that it isn’t about giving something up, it’s about taking everything back.

  19. I was never able to slow it down. That was a lesson that took me 15 years to learn. I had to stop drinking completely. I am very happy now. It gets easier and easier as time went on from the day I stopped. The hardest thing is not listening to my own bullshit about how I can have 1 or 2 drinks, I can’t. I wish you well.

  20. Yesterday I had a particularly bad day at work, I got off and without realizing it I found myself sitting in the liquor store parking lot. Luckily I realized that I was making excuses and went home without anything. So yay for a small Victory. I ended up drawing something for my girl to keep my mind busy. It felt good to be creative again.

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