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  1. Heyy, gal I love your caption and im bored too, let's be besties and talk a lot

  2. Heyy, Ellie, let's be besties and talk a lot I've got lots of fun stories, and id like to listen to yours too

  3. Hmm you look like a carring and low key depressed person

  4. just do it if I can do 50 pushups at 14 you can carry water upstairs at 17

  5. I gotta do it 3 times with full bucket in my hand, no it's not easy bruh

  6. First is more attractive than black, wear that, you'll sure get asked out by many?

  7. Bhai itna patla consistently hai. Haath Thoda Kam chala bhai. Exp. Se bol rha hu.

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