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  1. I have a friend who is genuinely allergic to a lot of things. All nuts, lactose intolerant, even some kinds of meat. She's extremely underweight and it absolutely sickens me that people are just faking something that makes her feel horrible

  2. She blocked me from tiktok when I said that this type of mental conditions need to be checked by experts like Neurologist, Psychiatrist and Therapists. If you read it from a text, "your diagnosis" is biased.

  3. Ditto. They removed my comments and blocked me when I told them about how self diagnosis has hurt me. They said that basically my experience wasn't valid enough and supposedly self diagnosed people were hurt more than myself 🫥

  4. Me too!!! I had to wait on 258 other people to walk across the stage, no exaggeration lol

  5. Remember Companies will never give a shit about the LGBT during Pride Month

  6. I just bought a new guitar a couple days ago, stg this subreddit follows me everywhere

  7. Imagine if those who commented had to face consequences of what they said

  8. The US has therapies, living supports, and disability protections for those diagnosed.

  9. Wait what? Idk if they have that in the part of the us I live :(

  10. I may be wrong but it seems this friend doesn't value your thoughts or how you feel. It may be best to distance yourself

  11. I mean honestly do people on this sub ever talk about anything else. Repetitive.

  12. I wanted to get something off my chest and I kind of word vomited because this subreddit is an ok place for me to voice my concerns and opinions. However, if you would prefer for me to rant about something else, I know of many things that I dislike, I’d be happy to share with you instead

  13. hi lol og artist here!! she’s actually based off of myself :D

  14. Yes it's something that you shouldn't do. You are not a profesional, and not qualified to do it. If you aren't profesionaly diagnosed you shouldn't say that you have autism, you can say that you suspect that you have autism but don't jump to conclusions

  15. My notebook, mini items, pens... Lots of them... And stickers :) Also crystals and such

  16. Possibly an unpopular opinion, most of the time, I'd prefer a drink to be room temp

  17. Listen. If you think your standing up for the mentally disabled community you aren't. Majority of the mentally disabled community, self diagnosed and those with an "official" diagnosis support self diagnosis. So you are literally standing in opposition of an oppressed community with your uniformed opinion.

  18. You don't speak for our entire community. I can stand up for myself, thank you. Self diagnosis has hurt and negatively impacted me and so many others, so you can 100% speak for yourself, but the majority of us do not support self diagnosis. I'd highly encourage doing some basic research, and maybe, look outside of your circle and listen to what others have to say.

  19. The worst part of being diagnosed at a very young age is the idea that you do do things that other people don’t, and you aren’t sure what. Like apparently pacing around a table thinking to yourself for 10 minutes is an ADHD thing I guess? Nobody else does that?

  20. You just wrote what I had felt in my head that I couldn't put into words

  21. 100% agree! Maybe I should make some Tshirts but I think a bunch of people who love this annoying creature would hate me for doing so haha

  22. They can just not buy it 👀👀 you could also make stickers maybe :)

  23. Wow! Has he found anything to help or is he embracing it? I can’t tell if I’m just being young and fun for literally the first time ever, or if this could become a problem

  24. As far as I know, I think he's just riding it out, but he has told me he's experiencing ADD-like symptoms

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