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  1. You need to file a police report quickly. Include a copy of the police report with all of your correspondence with other entities.

  2. With all your correspondence with other entities

  3. Scare them to do what? What do you mean to stop associating with you? Sure, you can hire a lawyer to send a letter. It's just a letter but it will potentially be scarier if a lawyer sends it.

  4. I am sorry this happened to you. You do not need transcripts to file a report. The report is probably going to be the exhaustion of your options.

  5. If you are so scared by haunted houses that you are contemplating maybe assault and perhaps battery, it is best to stay home.

  6. A very good, well-drafted liability waiver would help if there was a legal issue, but insurance would be needed to pay for the lawyer to utilize the waiver and to negotiate a settlement if needed.

  7. I suppose I had the wrong impression of a liability waiver, I always thought they prevented you from pressing charges, but I guess now that you mention it, anyone could sue if they wanted to, and the waiver is just there to cover bases. Right?

  8. Correct. A piece of paper cannot prevent someone from filing a lawsuit. And it's not pressing charges, that is something the state of Alabama does in criminal situations.

  9. You can't keep the hot tub and your money. You really should not win this dispute it is not appropriate or what the law was intended for. If your bank happens to side with you, the company will probably either sue you or send the amount to collections. Just because your bank sides with you does it mean you'll win in a lawsuit.

  10. What does the contract say, does it guarantee delivery by a certain date?

  11. If you have notarized letters from both parents, you might be let into the US. But, customs doesn't have to let you in, they could put you on a plane and send you back to the UK without haven't actually entered the US. You won't be able to do much of anything at 17 in the US (rent a car, rent a hotel room, go into clubs) so you'd need adults in the US.

  12. Tenant at will is another term for month to month. Very common. Where are you located? Tenancy-at-will laws vary a little from place to place in terms of notice.

  13. If you or they want you gone, whichever side needs to give the other 30-day written notice.

  14. If you get the proper permits, you should be fine. But there are countless places on the planet, every place having its own rules and regulations.

  15. He says I can get him when I want but I’ll have to drive 14 hours to get him and the only person that can take me is the guy I cheated on bike with who is still working for me but he won’t let him anywhere near my son

  16. Then based on what you just wrote, you cannot, currently, get your son.

  17. Because the guy works with me still? He doesn’t stay with me. He stays at the shop. He use to stay with us before but not anymore

  18. There is no law to refer to. Your employer does not have to write you a letter.

  19. Pennsylvania. How long does it stay on record then? I am not from Pennsylvania and havent ever lived in it was just driving through. Thats why cop targeted me(out of state plate) and i didnt contest it. Also only just 5 over is criminal?

  20. Then it's probably a mistake and you need to dispute the background check with the company.

  21. What state did you get the ticket in? Some states every ticket is a criminal offense.

  22. That's the thing. OP said "rights." You can assign away or waive plenty of rights if you want to. But that does not mean you can delegate any associated duties. You could say "I waive my right as the biological father to object to the adoption of this child at any point" but you'd still have to pay child support unless and until the child is actually adopted.

  23. ACV for a similar vehicle before the accident; $14-16k roughly. Amount left on the loan is about $9k.

  24. Can't the mom go through her insurance? And even if your girlfriends insurance was still active does she live with her mom?

  25. Instead of pretending it's Halloween, why doesn't he just threw them in small claims court, no attorney required. But as soon as a good idea.

  26. You would at a minimum need (a) permission to stay in the UK for one year, (b) permission from the UK government to work in the UK, and (c) your employer would need to be set up to follow UK laws and pay you as an American living abroad, officially. There are a ton of potential tax fraud (international) possibilties here, as well as benefit fraud, etc. This is one of those things you need your employer to be willing to do or you'll be breaking UK law and US law, and also you'll be making your employer (unwittingly) break both UK and US law as well, which they won't be happy about.

  27. Please say he applied for FMLA. If not, he should look into retroactive FMLA and a lawyer. It'll protect his job for 12 weeks, presuming there are 50+ people and this is in a US state. Where is it, and how many employees?

  28. Pornography is federally protected under the First Amendment. So not only are you wrong, but you didn't even answer the question. I addressed what you said in your second sentence in my post.

  29. Reddit can guess but you have two civil rights attorneys advising you and you really should rely on their experience here. And filing a civil rights lawsuit is hard. Everyone wants to, and there are limited attorneys with limited time, it's not like a DUI or family law where you can find them everywhere and they always (well usually) want new clients.

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