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  1. We were in a recession first two quarters of 2022. Not in a recession right now

  2. From St. Louis originally. Sargent and Ream both played for Gallagher growing up

  3. Also both played High School ball at St Dominic In O’Fallon. Though Sargent only for a year.

  4. Can y’all provide the brands you take? The flavored ones sound interesting.

  5. I take Solgar under tongue b12. Quick, easy, and tasty. (And glass bottle vs plastic)

  6. They are part of a set of mugs and a single pitcher. They are maybe clay or porcelain. Currently located in St. Louis, MO, USA

  7. Can you explain the months without paying part? If I start paying more than the minimum mortgage amount then in the future I still have to pay a mortgage but the payment will be less right? How does one go months without paying?

  8. I assume he/she means going months without paying the extra principle payment that would be used on the 30yr to make it equal the 15yr.

  9. You’re not just disrespectful, but categorically wrong. You’re comparing yourself to people in your own financial bracket, and not considering that every single wealthy person on the planet owns substantial real estate because there are myriad reasons why it makes sense. My mortgage has nothing to do with my net worth. I am taking advantage of government subsidies and reducing my tax bill to offset my income by having it, and passing risk on to another party in the process.

  10. Only reduces your tax bill if your (annual interest + other deductions) is high enough be larger than the standard deduction of 12/24k.

  11. I’m pretty certain I said “for most people”.

  12. I grew up in Missouri, the entire place is back water and insane. And everyone living there is stuck in a black hole of hatred and depression. There are zero things to do and plenty of drugs to screw your life over. Never go there. Never move there. The entire state is garbage.

  13. From Missouri. I am Not full of hatred nor am I depressed. There are dozens of us, I swear.

  14. When I worked out with it on my ring finger, the app told me after the workout the it could not read my HR - was kind of bummed.

  15. If 6pm is close enough to your normal sleep time, it will calculate it with tonight’s sleep.

  16. Nuno takes over a Premier League club mid season.

  17. You claim I have an agenda when I am simply asking the OP to point out why he thinks three separate UK judges have an agenda. You can't just go 'you have an agenda' and write off common sense

  18. I would have to care about this case to even try to fact check anything. I know nothing about the case, the post just hit front page so I read some comments. Your account age and 100% posts about amber make me think 1) you know Amber Heard 2) you’re obsessed with amber 3) you strongly dislike Johnny Depp.

  19. If you know nothing about this case maybe don't comment on it then?

  20. Did anyone hear John Kelley accidentally call someone a big weiner and then correct it to winger? Too many comments to search through to see. And if so, anyone clip it?

  21. With the sea level rise estimates I had been wondering, when the houses get abandoned, will they be intentionally demolished? Or will there be houses dotting the shorelines until they are swept away by the ocean and have their debris dispursed?

  22. "Now let me tell you a story about a guy named Steve."

  23. About as close of stats as you can get between any two teams.

  24. The decision was shit yesterday but I'm sick of this moaning. We've been berating Liverpool fans about their moaning for a week and now we are just proving that we are no better.

  25. One is subjective the other is supposed to be objective.

  26. Your resting heart rate is crazy lower than mine. Are you an incredibly fit person or am I just less fit that I choose to believe?

  27. I was trying to point out to my son that the best goal scorer this season was on Liverpool… it’s just the camera never showed Salah because he basically didn’t exist.

  28. Prevent them from getting a power surge and frying.

  29. Can’t we just zoom in on it with an iPad and have the AI add the missi pixels?

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