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  1. Are people going to take to the streets or what? this poor girl deserves justice and these fucking pigs will walk if we don't stand up.

  2. I like this they never leave the house but of course are out and about after having just given birth…

  3. If you don’t need to stay downtown, I know people have had fun events at golden temple in chestnut hill!

  4. He’s toast. Per Matt Barnes this is worse than we know. They are just getting everything in order.

  5. she's a really bizarre self-obsessed pathological liar, and also basically looks like blonde courtenety cox, what is the appeal?? quite boring if you ask me.

  6. She’s soooo self obsessed it’s actually scary. She better enjoy the spotlight now because she’s aging out of “cute psycho” real fast. She also constantly posts about her rotting teeth and rancid breath. 🤮

  7. This poor woman even has a profile picture on her Facebook of her and the officer. Manipulative MFer.

  8. If you can see a profile picture anywhere you're using reddit wrong. Also double fuck Russia and grind their authoritarian shithead oligarchs into the dirt.

  9. Can you explain how you can use Reddit without seeing the profile pictures? I’m confused!

  10. Media using copaganda linguisitcs as usual. Call it what it is, pedophilia.

  11. Are you asking if the town of Nahant is fake?? Lmfaooo. People def live there. What a weird take

  12. HHahahahah this was part of an inside joke. Thanks for participating!

  13. what are "you" talking about? Of course "people" live "there."

  14. Hahahaahah ah it was an inside joke and we decided to post it on “here”

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