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  1. I think she may have gotten veneers or maybe caps or dentures so she’s getting used to them being in her mouth. And I’m not shaming her or anything, god I’d love to fix my teeth. Good for her honestly. Hope any awkwardness with talking or eating with her new teeth works itself out quickly

  2. They’re way too wonky and discoloured looking to be veneers tbh

  3. That’s why I listed several different possibilities. They don’t look like vaneers to me but I’m no dental expert so I was just covering my bases. 🤷🏼‍♀️ idk for sure

  4. you can most definitely blow through a bag of weed and still maintain two jobs, wrote a book, produce music, take care of two dogs, and maintain a relationship though. those are easy things to do lol, especially if your fiance games.

  5. No they aren’t. Artistry takes work. Do you have any idea how many details have to go into a fantasy series? He also only games when he isn’t working an assload of over time. Don’t talk about people you don’t know, buddy

  6. artistry does not take work. improving the medium by which you choose to present it? sure, that's arguable. but artistry? work? don't make me laugh.

  7. You’re being a dickhead. I’m disengaging with this pointless conversation. I don’t need to defend myself from such a narrow minded douche. Bye.

  8. My first love from school sadly took her own life a few years back. Hadn't seen her in probably 20 years but the day I found out was one of the most painful in my life. I visit her grave each year and still miss her an incredible amount.

  9. Sorry for your loss. That’s terrible. Don’t really have any other words for it.

  10. There’s no definitive answer but to me, I find it really weird that everyone makes the excuse that he “had no childhood.” Plenty of child stars who have no childhood don’t invite little kids to sleep in their beds. No decent man I know would invite a child who is a stranger to sleep next to them in bed, because there’s NO REASON to do that.

  11. They’re not talking about SATC, they’re talking about AJLT. Which deserves the criticism it’s getting. If you don’t like reading critiques of it, you’re more than welcome to just scroll by

  12. The fact people were so unaware she was useing again and all the ru girls kept quiet about it doesn't fill me with confidence. Plus she'd only been sober a year on season 7 and had been useing on and off for years.

  13. I think they kept quiet cause it isn’t their business to tell fans she relapsed. Jesus.

  14. fr like her relapse was part of her personal life. she didn’t have to share about it at all but chose to do so anyway. it isn’t the responsibility of other queens to provide random strangers with information about someone else’s sobriety.

  15. I also don’t like the way the other commenter says she’d only been sober for a year on season 7. Recovery isn’t linear and it’s not our place to judge people for relapsing and struggling with such a serious illness.

  16. Oh my fucking God thank you. Everyone under the sun says Abby threw the chair at Paige. Like no, she didn't throw the chair at anyone. Paige was nowhere near the chair and Abby picked up the chair, let go of it a few inches in front of her to prove a point, and told Paige to leave the room because she was unprepared. Does this make it ok still? No, Abby's actions were still not justified. But to claim that she "threw a chair at Paige" with using that footage as your backup in court, obviously the court is just going to dismiss it because the evidence did not back up their claim.

  17. Representing the facts accurately is important. It doesn’t matter if I detest Abby’s “teaching methods” and think she was a terrible example to the children, what the original lawsuit states did not happen, and it’s a damn shame they went that angle because Abby 100% deserved to be sued and punished for that behavior. I don’t know if they went the route they did with the lawsuit because of their lawyer or what but it’s awful that they couldn’t nail her for mistreating the Hyland ladies.

  18. She threw that chair right by where Paige was standing. She knew Paige was standing there when she threw it. Don’t cover for someone like her, she knew exactly what she was doing. Paige did leave the room in tears, btw. I’m not sure what episode you were watching.

  19. She left the room upset but she didn’t run out crying as the suit describes. I’m not “covering” for anyone. I’m saying if they had sued Abby for emotional distress instead of the chair incident they probably would have won, and Abby for sure deserved to lose a suit involving emotional distress to Paige AND Brooke. Not to mention I’m pretty sure Brooke says her back STILL hurts from all of the acro shit Abby made her do. Watch your mouth before you go around accusing people. It’s not nice, and it doesn’t make you look good. Edit: Oh and FYI, I know what episode this was, here’s the clip. Abby was acting like an asshole and no one should act that way around kids but the lawsuit stated Abby threw the chair AT Paige. Which clearly isn’t what happened and in civil and criminal cases you have to be VERY specific and careful with what you say and how you say it, or you won’t win your case. That’s just a fact. No one’s arguing that Abby doesn’t suck. She does.

  20. Thanks. Haven’t been able to preform in a while due to Covid and other life circumstances. Hopefully jumping back in soon

  21. Also, I noticed on first watch they walk right by a chase bank when she says that line. Felt like weird subliminal advertising or something lol.

  22. 🎶 Do not diddle kids, it's no good diddlin' kids🎶

  23. I really love how often i see always sunny refrenced on reddit. Its damn near every day. Always sunny brings us all together.

  24. It’s a magical experience to see it quoted around. It’s a brilliant show. One of my favorites. Always Sunny and Futurama are both in my top five- just extraordinary!

  25. Lol, why not? The writers will keep embarrassing themselves and we’ll keep roasting them. Fine by me

  26. It's probably not the first time they got a comment like this. You just see a snippet of their relationship and you have no idea how he might lift her up in other situations. No need to jump to conclusions

  27. i dont really think what the person commented was intended to be a joke tbh. i mean i could be overreacting i still think his body language is kinda weird here.

  28. Can we talk about how Bendela’s look was SO visually interesting and well crafted and original?! I fucking love it. It’s one of my favorites from ALL of drag race. Just SO different. I love it

  29. It could be called: POC and the City. And it’s a Sex and the City style show but those four are the four besties at the center of the show and hey talk about sex, but in context to POC, who have to do double the work to just be considered “good” at what they do pretty often and the struggles of their individual cultures, and backgrounds. Just my idea though

  30. I don’t think his family is checking Reddit, but that’s some fun world you live in.

  31. Of course you would edit all that nonsense. Peace.

  32. Edited to admit I was wrong to say that. It’s part of life to admit you’re wrong. Have a good day.

  33. This kid has probably learned not to do that again. But maybe just gently say;” now honey, next time you’re worried about your skin and want to use something, ask me first. I’m happy to help you get something that will work, but this hurts a lot and it could happen again if you use my stuff without asking. I don’t want you to hurt yourself, okay?”

  34. What? Do you question the point of anyone getting married when the relationship will eventually end when knew one of them dies?

  35. We didn’t really see any happy parts of their marriage even in the second movie everyone hates, her and big were having problems. The amount of distress we saw the relationship in by comparison to happy times is staggering. It was mostly fights and sneaking around and arguments. That’s what OP is saying

  36. I kinda hope she doesn’t. She talked about being on dance moms bringing out the worst in her and how that behavior came back when she returned to the show. I honestly think reality tv brings out the worst in some and don’t want to see her feed the darkness.

  37. I find him very beautiful too! I used to think it was his hair but now I think it's also the eyes/smile and being funny af helps ahahah. Also gorgeous in Drag

  38. Not much advice on this front as I struggle with different skin issues and I’m not knowledgeable about your concerns. But please remember that everyone has skin problems sometimes and it’s okay. I can tell from the pic your jawline is amazing, you’ve got a great bone structure!

  39. There’s always time for a cocktail!

  40. I’m sure people have commented on this before but Mrs. Kasha Davis’s speaking voice is so unique and iconic. She should do some voice acting if she hasn’t already. Very distinctive and almost sounds like someone from another era- a radio drama voice or something really different. Just love it

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