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  1. This isn’t even close to the quality of some of the work I’ve seen college kids doing in their dorm rooms. Not a knock to these guys but just not nextfuckinglevel.

  2. I would have added condensation droplets to the cans and done it on a white background to start. It's a dead giveaway this is in someone's living room.

  3. It was part of her character arc

  4. Yes, I remember vividly practicing parallel parking and it was the thing I worried about the most. Now I can do it pretty effectively. Funny, my mother, even with her backup camera can't parallel park.

  5. Water has to be iced, but I'll actually drink canned soda and sparkling water at room temp.

  6. Darcy and Jerry are hilarious, and Darcy (guy in the vid) is constantly high as a giraffes butthole.

  7. No fucking clue. My first introduction to him was my mom showing me the "hey girl" memes she and her friend were laughing over. So from there on I just thought of boomer humor whenever I heard Ryan gosling

  8. If you date me long enough you'll get to find out I'll treat whatever you got very well👅

  9. Make sure you get all your ideas and way of living from the Bible. Only heathens follow logic and reason.

  10. This movie will either be terrible enough to laugh at or the next best thing to sliced bread, no in-between.

  11. I seriously don’t think this is a real person. Check out the replies. They’re like something out of a 4chan caricature. She’s a nurse who’s “daddy” has “big pharma” money. He bought all the kids Teslas so she never had to buy a car. She keeps an extra closet of clothes at their house, only her therapist “Jenny” understands her. I only read like 5 out of the hundreds of replies she left but if this isn’t bait idk what is

  12. I got really confused with the "closing deadline". I don't know what kind of timeline they are on, but by the time you're closing I'm pretty sure the other home offers from prospective buyers aren't a concern anymore. You get your offer accepted, and a few things need to happen before the closing, takes a month or two. Also, if this person really is real, what a massive fucking idiot for taking credit out while you're waiting for a closing to go through. The loan officers also tell you not to do shit while you're waiting. A new outfit for closing? Is this person just completely daft???

  13. Fried egg on ramen is so good

  14. It's my new thing. I also love cooking up sushi rice and putting bacon, avocado, and fried egg on top. So good.

  15. Have you seen the tiktok of the guy who lives in the Michigan forest with his dog? He's constantly drinking Verners Gingerale.

  16. Omgggg are you talking about old time hawkey??

  17. Terraria! Cool updates in the last couple years, especially some quality of life updates. Hands down my favorite game.

  18. Apparently I get half the house, and everything in it. Splitting with one sibling.

  19. Huge pieces of pineapple. Piles of it. Anyone who eats pizza without pineapple is out of their damn mind and have no taste.

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