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  1. Good catch, I see it. I think they forgot to shop this photo too

  2. Exactly. I love the way this looks in a garden, the same way I love old terracotta. I’d leave it for sure.

  3. It’s cause they don’t have moissanite stones. You could order the right size moissanite a overseas and take them to the Jeweller.

  4. Actually, I swear, the jeweler told me they couldn’t be reset because the stones would literally burn up. Obviously they were spicy about being asked to fix anything that wasn’t diamond.

  5. I finally saved mine by putting it in perlite with water at the bottom.

  6. Take it out of that moss asap. Chunky aroid mix. Lots of indirect light.

  7. Mine all get way less splash in summer when outside in lots of light. In the winter the leaves get splashy and dark again.

  8. I’ve got one like this too. She said screw my Trellis I’m reaching for the STARS!!!

  9. People here are completely missing OPs point somehow. They were trying to demonstrate that pans don’t need to be perfect or obsessed over in order to do their job.

  10. Same in plant group. Oh my god there is a black spot on a leaf! Oh no what’s wrong? It’s a plant. It’s nature. It’s not perfect. It’s FINE.

  11. Oh gawd what have I done. I guess I can put it in the tanks I use for seedlings for now. I was expecting a pothos for my office. The tanks are just 40g I start seeds in for spring and fall vegetables. The plant is small enough that the tank will work for now, I guess.

  12. You don’t need that. Mine as well as the green form and the albo, grow in ambient temps and humidity just fine. You just need a spot with decent light.

  13. It's got really good color! So the price isn't too bad at all! Especially considering once it grows up some, you can take cuttings and sell them. Just a few cuttings and you'll have doubled your money. As far as care goes, they're pretty much like any other house plant. Bright, indirect light, south facing window would be perfect. Water when top 2 to 3 inches of soil is dry. Put in a nice airy, chunky soil. Give it something to climb when it gets big enough and you're good!

  14. You can’t really take cuttings. The nodes are so close together you will either rot your own or the cuttings. Highly do not recommend. Grow it big and enjoy it. Mine is busting out it’s third fenestrated leaf rn. These also are slow growers so taking a cutting feels like forever because they only it out a new leaf every couple months. So they grow really slowly and tight internodal spacing. Not great for making money on. Plus, the market is busting loose for these this year. I see them for less than $50 all the time now.

  15. Hahaha nope! I’ve never seen a snake in the wild before. Thanks for the response lol

  16. Never? How is that possible? Most snakes you come across aren’t poisonous and want to be on their way. I’ve come across countless rattlers too and thankfully no bites to me or my horse, but one close call that gave me the willies. I was alone in a canyon and I kept hearing what I thought was a big sprinkler and it was a rattlesnake about three feet up on the cliff side. Meaning he was directly across from my leg and the sprinkler sound was a warning. Me and my horse noped out of there quickly.

  17. i give myself lash lifts regularly, and back when i used the grande lash serum with the perm and mascara it would give me a look similar to the first pic. the trick is to use a lash growth serum (she probably uses latisse, it’s expensive but an FDA approved method to grow/thicken lashes) which makes your eyelashes lush and long, then to perm them, and apply a good mascara.

  18. I use grande lash and my lashes look like this.

  19. Yeah braless is better for the titties, unlike what wonderbra made the public believe... There was a study.

  20. I got used to wearing sports bras under my scrubs and I now own my own business. When I’m here, nope, no bras. Or makeup.

  21. He’s got great color, but seems small for that price. Have fun! I paid 95 for a cutting with decent roots. It’s already fenestrated, so it should mature quickly, this boy is gonna take a year of good growth before it matures.

  22. I agree absolutely. I love pothos and have several different varieties and the heavily variegated/white leafed varieties definitely grow slower.

  23. Seriously. Not even joking, the MORAL thing to do is to kill them. Right now. Right there in the truck. Bullet to the brain.

  24. I prefer some fentanyl instead of a bullet. Same result though.

  25. And this is why I trained my horses to attack dogs on command. When that horse gets it’s ears flattened and starts snaking it’s neck, dogs know it’s time to get out. Always carried a long whip as well. You really can meet some weirdos trail riding in SoCal.

  26. Look at amiodarone. Look at warfarin. Look up pharmacokinetics of methadone if you really want to go down a rabbit hole. Even liothyrinine has a long enough half life that you need to take it for several days before you get to a therapeutic level (unless you were to take a loading dose)

  27. Liothyronine is fast acting cytomel. Are you thinking of levothyroxine?

  28. Looks like a body is in those sheets… that’s the first thing I noticed and I haven’t seen anybody mention it yet.

  29. I’ve seen this person in person when I was in london. She doesn’t look anything like either of these photos. At all.

  30. I'm over 55 and have been reading the site since year one. I started getting cranky with the site about 7 years ago. For me, that's when the mood/vibe started to get mean, and it changed from "escapism" to vendettabitchy. Both's Kaiser's posts and the comments started having an agenda, one way or another, like "we're going to pile on this person today for this reason, and if you don't agree you are morally bankrupt". I am pro-women, pro-equal rights, pro reparations for enslaved peoples, I am a fucking liberal ass native Los Angeleno. I have never been a poster, and only occasionally read the comments. So I'm not angry about being banned. Kaiser is a poser mean girl. I hate the site now. I have only a passing interest in the RF. I was ambivalent toward Kate, and because she is so maligned there, I feel empathy toward her. Now I'm very salty I guess because it makes me mad I spent internet time basically supporting someone so sh*tty. No more clicks!

  31. My experience with the site mirrors yours. Been reading since CB started, but so fed up for years.

  32. You’re not the only member of a murdered person. So I am I. Not blithely. You don’t know me. Keep reaching. This place has become as toxic as Celebitchy and with that I’m out. You’re terrible.

  33. I’ve been reading all the threads in here today and seeing you write that someone else is terrible is a hoot. Please, indeed, be out.

  34. His mother was killed by a drunk driver and her sheer stupidity.

  35. Thank you. Diana wasn’t murdered by anyone.

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