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  1. I've got a recording of him threatening my life, officer. Also, HR I think you wanna hear this.

  2. In a place like this the guy making threats has been putting off hiring a dedicated HR person for three years

  3. I believe there are power outlets on these poles.

  4. The challenge is the APs themselves are weather resistant but I believe their plugs which are POE adapters may need some kind of protective housing

  5. I would do your own research as they have a ton of them at different price points and feature sets

  6. in the land of worthless startups, selling a startup that is made up of technology from the buying company is probably the best play I've seen.

  7. If you let your employees modify their endpoints Nessus will be able to tell you what software packages and security related configuration changes they made. You probably won't get much more on user specific activity.

  8. Is there anything to do aside from running from AC to AC unit?

  9. I absolutely love "don't dilute the baby."

  10. The fans who found out the meddling of the show's original intended script

  11. Okada apparently had Galileo live into S2 when he was supposed to die when McGillis betrays him because she had a crush on his VA (I think) which ended up changing a lot of how the show played out in the second half, not for the best obviously as we all know

  12. I really like the Vidar and am going to pretend he's alive because of that :(

  13. If he does not like Linux on prem I would also prepare for cloud based proposal for tools you would normally need a local Linux server for.

  14. Business Bros looking for the next big thing can get excited about anything.

  15. Got a “tech store” near where I live. Everything there is either 5+ generations old or the cheapest chinesiest things off AliExpress. All of it insanely marked up. Had some SD LCD monitors priced like modern HD panels. And he didn’t even sell individual components. It was like if you stocked an Apple store with dumpster pc’s. I asked if he had any high refresh rate displays and he said yes and directed me to the 60hz SD monitors. Seemed confused when I brought up terms like VA or TN. I really wanted to support a local computer shop, but I’d have to pity-buy some junk in order to do that.

  16. My parents have a solid 25 years of being taken for a ride by shitty tech stores. The last one disabled the free Windows 10 upgrade and tried to charge 150$ for it. I didn't ask them out but I reversed the registry key and got the free upgrade.

  17. A list of Russians who have been helped by the Trump family to have their children in this country for citizenship rights

  18. There is a bit of a rhythm to it. You’ll usually need to get a lane or two to the left when approaching an on ramp.

  19. 66 east bound to the Beltway always gets backed up like crazy on the right side but there's never a line going NB on the beltway so I always stay far left and never have to cut people off for that exit.

  20. I love how most of these are minor commute optimizations to deal with the shit traffic in this area

  21. Outside of certain areas NOVA exists as townhouses and highways so its not surprising that's where most tips are about

  22. destroyed guard rails? wait until you notice that dead animals on the side of the road stick around for weeks at a time.

  23. I think we are gonna get a better life story movie though

  24. You can get a Crossley at Target that has a lesser chance of fucking up your record

  25. Learning how to learn is important. I have a lot of experience because I have been making computers go beep bop boop since I was in high school. But on top of that being able to research, build, and go to market is an important skill. taking notes and sharing the topics you learned about grows your expertise.

  26. Was offered a work from home job recently that part of the things I had to agree to in order to do the job would be random 'Desk Checks' where they would require me to turn my webcam and show my desk off to them to ensure there was nothing 'distracting' on it. Like paper and pens or food. I noped out of that one.

  27. I have a few transformers and other things (tennis ball sized 20 sided dice). If I'm on a conference call I'm absolutely messing around with my desk toys.

  28. How do you say "I'm never going to financially recover from this" in Chinese?

  29. Cars 2 showed us Mater is the better main character

  30. I wonder ow that guy feels about the canceled Scooby Doo movie

  31. I think you are describing two different problems. Skimmers are one thing but phishing fraud alerts are a different beast all together. Also skimmers only have the data on the mag strip which does not have any person details beyond your name so no phone number to call.

  32. That if you did anything bad it would go on your permanent record 🧍🏻

  33. In first grade we "made" our own permanent record. They gave us what looked like important folders (higher end ones with the hooks) and told us to fill out a piece of paper to put in it. Obvious to me now that was all BS but that was some weird shit to make a kid do.

  34. This is the job where reporting your job is more important than your job.

  35. It’s the area where firefighters train for aircraft fires and crashes.

  36. If you fly a lot trying to see to see where the burned out training plane is like a big where's Waldo book.

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