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This guy cleaned up an entire park by himself! He went hiking every day for 103 days, filling up his bucket to the brink every single tour. The exception was the last day, where he failed to fill up even half his bucket with trash, meaning he had successfully cleaned up the entire park!

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Sevilla 2 - [3] Real Madrid - Karim Benzema 90+2'

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  1. On the $88,000 cheque. And keep signing one of those everyday until you get bored. And that's just for the plane itself. It's the overheads that get you.

  2. That's the kind of indifference that people are aiming for, exactly, shouldn't be an issue for a player. But the game is nowhere near that and this lad has been brave enough to be the first to come out. And other clubs are supporting him, making it easier for him and every club's gay fans, players, staff.

  3. Thanks! It’s been a whirlwind. I always said I’d be happy when I saw my gin in my local bar and now it is. Anything after this is a bonus.

  4. Wooow, everyone is dropping. This year is fucking incredible. We have Pusha, Future and Kendrick in the span of 4 weeks, Joey coming in less then a month, Rocky and Q are expected to drop soon. We eatin’ this year.

  5. How can you say that giving up a 2 goal lead with 1 minute left to play in regulation time isn't at least as painful as Spurs, let alone Monaco?

  6. Spurs will always be the toughest one so far, a rollercoaster.

  7. If we don't stand with the team who will? Rival fans are unsurprisingly out here laughing at us. But going out in the champions league is not the end of the world. The pain, as heavy as it is will be temporary.

  8. anyone blaming Grealish needs to go for a brainscan immediately

  9. Oh that's decent, need another euro tour

  10. You can make any drink without having any single ingredient...

  11. Please report back with sales figures from this disaster bar

  12. Setting this up nicely for Benzema.......

  13. I'm self employed - if it's a small solo gig of course you graciously accept, if it's a bigger gig and I'm using staff they get it all. It's a good system

  14. Sterling is so so so bad in front of goal now

  15. Alfred, maybe we don’t mess with mysterious packages while there’s a serial killer on the loose targeting Gotham’s elite?

  16. But how Bruce didn't even ask if he was ok when he woke up, immediately into bollocking him for hiding things about his dad

  17. OK ok OK... so dude. Literally said this same shit to a friend. So long story I'm sorry but, I did this back in the day literally this preformed infront of like 6 people and gave it my all. So after like 3 years I got a following. My best friend at the time met this dude at work who said he like raps and all that and invited him over (my house was the party beer pong house kinda deal at the time). So we ended up doing some shows together recorded like 6- 7 songs. So the thing is the entire crowd was MY following. So before a show one day we went in and realized the only people there are like the 30 I invited even the people before us didn't bring anyone. So we're out by the car smoking a bowl getting ready for the show and this dude just goes "Fuck this show I should be doing the Tacoma dome!" But like serious about it. I'm like dude first off you gotta write a good song first wtf? We suck? And then I said you gotta be able to preform infront of 3 people then you can do Tacoma dome let's get in there trying to like joke and shit. He ends up doing this Dennis Reynolds golden God speech and storms off. So I go inside and the shows shut down cause the last group went over the time and tried to like stab the guy running it or something, cops called, didn't get to preform, missed all the action over some whiney pre premodana wanna be.

  18. That one gave me screwface....these people are flushing cat litter and have the right to vote

  19. Ake straight in with the headers, solid

  20. Every word just got worse, thought it was impossible but it kept going

  21. Happens in the UK too, stupidity is colour blind

  22. While this may sound funny for home use, bars that show pay per view events pay based on the amount of people who can fit in the venue. Completely insane...

  23. Same with Sky Sports and BT subscriptions for UK pubs and bars, bigger busier places pay more.

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