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  1. Apparently he didn’t actually sniff the chair, he was bending down to get his drink from under the seat cause he and his friend (the girl) were leaving after the run was done.

  2. nah man, watch the video. It's a clever cover but it's so obvious that he was going for a sniff. Timed it perfectly too.

  3. For a website that champions the idea of "gender is a spectrum", the vast majority of reddit likes to think that people are wholly binary when it comes to being "good" or "bad".

  4. Hatred of HOAs. While I've never lived in an HOA neighborhood, I would hate losing equity to a neighbor who wanted a neon pink house.

  5. The only reason I tolerate the notion of HOAs is to deal with nuisance neighbors. I don't care if my neighbor's house is neon pink, but I do care if they're taking up all the street parking, leaving garbage in their front lawn, blasting music really loud, having parties until 3am in their backyard with drunken karaoke, screaming at each other in the street... etc

  6. Do you have a premium Chase product (CSP, CSR, CIP) already? If not the CIU wouldn't be able to transfer UR to rewards programs like Hyatt, United... etc

  7. What is a “real hobby” tho, I feel like that’s such a subjective term there’s no real meaning to it

  8. Don't pay money to learn how to earn money. Think about it: if people who advertise "how to earn extra money" seminars were actually making extra money from their tips, why would they flood the market with direct competitors by sharing their knowledge? If I found a honeypot niche of extra real income, I wouldn't tell a soul.

  9. If you have a 10 year history of visiting the same vacation destination every single year at the same time, and spending more on hotels during that period per year than you would on a time share, and if you plan to continue visiting the same vacation destination at the same time every single year... then it might be worth it.

  10. Numerous universities also require "how to not die from alcohol poisoning" seminars, so this isn't really that far fetched.

  11. One time in college, I was walking down this building hallway that was really long and only like 10 feet wide. There was this girl slumped against the wall with her legs stretched out really far, basically laying on the ground with the wall as her pillow. Blocking a good chunk of the walking space.

  12. Plus the portrayal of the police is intentional propaganda meant to show the police as a benefit to society rather than the oppressive tool of the state they are. It also portrays them as far more competent at their jobs than they are.

  13. "Police had cameras filming them, which in turn made them careful about following their regulations and performing their jobs in the manner that society expects of them. This is a bad thing because ..."

  14. I wouldn't say after a year muscles are that noticable. I'm barely starting to notice small increase in muscle mass after a year of consistent workout and the person himself is usually the one noticing first. scratch that, I'm just blind. Keep lifting or start lifting, if you're not already.

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