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  1. You don't say how big and what type (shape) the roof is.

  2. Ok, this is a job for EZ Off (yellow cap) oven cleaner. Avoid getting any on the light burner head part.

  3. I shall look for it at the store. Thank you!!

  4. It is fumy so turn on your exhaust vent and open a window or door. Put saran wrap over the light covered burner and tuck it in, as it is aluminum and this cleaner will discolor it.

  5. Maybe they should build in a few weight shafts (the principle of lifting and lowering heavy weights. Excess power from sun is used to lift the weights. Then, when power is needed, gravity brings down the weights again. In the process, the pulleys drive a generator that generates electricity.)

  6. Possible, but the energy stored would likely be small.

  7. Get some Barkeeper's Friend soft scrub liquid. Coat the whole thing and let it sit for 10 minutes. scrub with no scratch pad. Rinse and repeat as necessary. Only an acid cleaner like this will remove water scale.

  8. Not sure I even want someone pooping in there when I am in the basement with them LOL 🤣

  9. I really feel like most people commenting here have not read the actual story.

  10. The title is what is in the agreement. Two wrongs do not make a right.

  11. Imagine you are an omnipotent bureaucrat, and the budget of Minneapolis's schools is being cut, and you have to decide whom to lay off. Imagine there is no union contract, and it's wholly up to you to determine what is the best metric.

  12. That is the 10,000 lb elephant in the room...establishing fair evaluation.

  13. I imagine you would ruin it by putting it in a washer. Maybe take it to the drycleaners and see if they could handle it.

  14. It feels soft, I put a magnet to it and it didn't stick so I dont think it's plated either

  15. Then it is a chemically created patina. I would turn it over and dig into the metal on the bottom to establish what it is made of. It could be brass, bronze, or even a zinc casting. My guess is zinc because of the color of those spots where the finish is coming off.

  16. Dude, this needs to stop being reposted this way. The school is doing a good thing - after years of under representation of minorities in the teaching profession, some schools have made strides recruiting a diverse workforce - but that is fairly recently. If you start laying off teachers based on seniority exclusively (how the old process was) you're just going to undo all that hard work, and further discourage minority teachers from going into the profession to begin with.

  17. It’s not tho when you consider layoffs are based on seniority… I wonder which race has had more teachers for longer. Continuing to only use seniority is essentially layoff all the new teachers who are a way more diverse pool.

  18. No argument there. The challenge is how to assess teaching performance fairly.

  19. Not yet I'm not even sure which department to contact. First house and I've only been in it two months so I'm new to this stuff haha.

  20. Don't mess it up. Go to a shoe repair shop that does purses. They can fix you up like new.

  21. Idk about where you’re at, but where I am it’s canning season, it’s $10 for 8 ounces of citric acid. It’s ridiculously expensive for what it is

  22. I have been trying SO hard to avoid buying from Amazon. But theres been a few things that are just ridiculously cheaper on there. Canning jar lids are similar $10 for 12 at the local store, and &15 for 120 on Amazon.

  23. looks like Huntington Beach, one of the most horribly racist places on earth. Neo nazi's and republican shitheads EVERYWHERE. I have been handed racist pamphlets so many times there just because I'm a white guy walking around.

  24. No one makes you live there., by the ocean, in Southern California.

  25. If you have to wet, shut off phone and use 99.9% alcohol.

  26. I've got access to one! I'll try it out as an option, thanks for the recommendation!

  27. Ok. First vacuum it out well. Use a tooth brush to get into the corners. Next, put a couple of drops of dishwashing soap in a big bowl of warm water. Mix it up hard. Make lots of bubbles. Using the tooth brush, scoop up just bubbles and put it on stains and scrub in. Use vac to suck dirty wetness off. Make more bubbles, repeat. Test in inconspicuous area first.

  28. I’m confused how someone is politically involved enough to participate in a local DA recall election yet somehow isn’t registered to vote.

  29. Actually, I would think that those are most likely fake to help defeat the petition effort.

  30. Even if they were, they still failed to get enough real signatures.

  31. Even with fakes they got pretty damn close. They will not give up.

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