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  1. Whole big thing. We had a funeral for a bird.

  2. You know I'm not gonna sleep tonight unless I know what that's about!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🦜⚰️

  3. It’s an Office reference 😛😂 sorry if that disappoints, but glad you are back ♥️♥️

  4. There's something very uncomfortable about Megyn Kelly's fake accent making fun of Hillarys fake accent. Rabid crazy eyes making fun of rabid crazy eyes...

  5. To me it came across like this was her Super Bowl. Like she’s been waiting to dissect Hillary’s grift for so long and she couldn’t contain herself. I’m Salvadoran and I ate it up lol

  6. Larry had time to curl her hair between pap strolls 🙄

  7. YESSS first thing I noticed, her hair is freshly done!

  8. She could have totally gone out a different door. This is ALL for show.

  9. Is there no alleyway or parkade?! Literally there MUST be another way in other than the front fucking door

  10. Tried to muffle my giggling in my Uber but this sent me omg

  11. Lord please let him not take a plea and go to trial. I need this 🍿

  12. Girl SAME! I’m in a deep depressive episode and had been struggling to get out of bed for an hour and this made me SPRING out of bed.

  13. Thinking of Hillary seeing this video makes me happier than if I were to win a Nobel Prize.

  14. Doesn’t matter.. she was shot and would have at least been hospitalized.

  15. Agreed, it doesn’t matter, just providing context. Him wanting to be seen with his family for optics was definitely more important. Disgusting.

  16. I did not know this about her. Should not surprise me with her me, me, me attitude. Pathetic.

  17. Here you go: I cropped the video to the time of the phone call. First to hillz and then he calls a nanny.

  18. Someone find this wo/man a link. It’s even worse than it sounds.

  19. Who shared this response from Hillz? This is fascinating!

  20. She’s definitely a smoker. I quit last year when I realized how much my voice was changing

  21. Loved Ashely’s friends insight and her hearing that her “I don’t need a man mentality” is a defense mechanism and she needs to stop saying it if she actually wants a relationship

  22. I thought it was wild that she talked about that as if it had never occurred to her, the lack of self awareness is INSANE

  23. Him and his gf moved to L.A….he’s hosting a stand-up show with Ashley Hesseltine. His new podcast is supposedly coming out early this year too and will be more interview style.

  24. I hope he doesn’t latch to Ashley and continues to do his own thing. I cannot stand her.

  25. 100%%%%!! It seems like he had JUST told her to button up her shirt, you can see her kind of fix it at the beginning, then he looks down again and SHAKES his head. He hates her so much.

  26. This is what I received from a different sub in response to a comment (they also have don't dm us energy 😆)

  27. Im not a mod or anything but that is an automated message! I’ve posted there before and honestly its most of the same peeps that post here, i haven’t felt any “don’t DM us” energy (iconic😂) I promise! A few months ago the snark sub was inactive for a few weeks and all of a sudden all the posts that didn’t go through during that time popped up one day, and a mod explaining that they had no idea why the sub had been so dead/why posts hadn’t been showing up but that apparently it was fixed. Now the exact same thing is happening, I think the mods are just not very Reddit savvy and there’s something off in the settings of the sub!

  28. Woah woah woah don’t disrespect chandler like that ☹️

  29. Can someone give me a summary of the similarities between Meghan and hilly? I see the comparison all the time but I know nothing about the royals (you could say… I know no pop culture). I do have a cucumber university degree though. Would love to know!!!

  30. She is not sick. She watched that interview of herself at that event with the red dress where she looked and sounded high and drunk as fuck and is now trying to do some damage control.

  31. I was shocked that these four would get together. L and M are anti vax Trumpers. This show was so boring.

  32. Welp, I had no idea. I heard them on Sofia with an f once and liked their vibe. Sad.

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