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  1. I'd go SGA, Markkanen, Bam, Bridges and I think AD for the gamble of him staying healthy (or you could switch AD for Lavine if you don't want the risk).

  2. Yeah I’m trying to think is having your finals end in week 21 good or should it even end in week 20? Maybe 20 is too earlier?

  3. Lost today in our semis to the league overall number 1 who has Luka, Steph, Randle, Kessler, Maxey (just thinking of all the guys who killed me this week). Actually came closer than I expected today as I had a lot of strong performances from Derrick White, FVV, JJJ and Jarrett Allen but it wasn’t enough unfortunately.

  4. Sounds like it will be worth a trip to the bank next week. Bittersweet as he helped me win the chip last season, but I could still use him next week to come 3rd and get my money back.

  5. Man I’m about to be knocked out by Kessler and you know what, I’m not even mad - great to see young talent coming into the league.

  6. Ah the Blazers; I still remember trading for Simons last season due to their favourable playoff schedule and then they shut him down.

  7. Chris Paul. Always had exposure to injury risks and it doesnt get any easier as you age. He'll be 38 soon.

  8. I have him on my team this season and I'd agree with this. I'd say he's on the decline now and can still be great - but I wouldn't be picking him in the 4th round of our 8 team like I did this year.

  9. Lol 4th round is a terrible pick with the players available this year around that range. Always go lower

  10. Yeah I mean, the 3 picks after my CP3 pick were Scottie Barnes, Vuc and Ben Simmons 😂 so it certainly could have been worse (although Vuc would have been a better pick fpts wise). Going into the 5th though we had Mobley, Brunson and Garland so I guess any of those 3 might have been a better pick.

  11. Well, that’s getting ahead of things I guess since we were expecting him to sit one of these games on the b2b

  12. I was expecting him to sit out Saturday, but it actually works out for me, since I already had a full lineup for Friday and there’s only 6 games on Saturday anyway.

  13. Yeah, from my team’s perspective I have both Embiid and Harden questionable so I’m hoping both play Friday, and then one can sit for Saturday lol but who knows what could happen at this point.

  14. Looks like we’re in Ukraine because the tanks have rolled in

  15. What’s the healing time on being a soft ass bitch? Weeks, months, season ending?

  16. I was thinking about this recently myself and speaking to my points league; According to our settings in hashtag basketball he's ranked 7th for the season on a per game fpts basis so honestly seeing him get picked at the end of the 1st round isn't out of the question, at the latest start of the 2nd round. Looking at this list of top 10 players he has the most games played (Jokic is second) so surely that must count for something too.

  17. Im honestly considering picking him or Tatum (given hes still available) at 5-6 in our points league. He has been #5 per game and #2 in total this year. I wouldnt be surprised if he gets picked over giannis or embiid in a lot of points leagues next season. His consistency is almost unmatched, no way he drops below 10

  18. Totally, if I was picking in the mid to late 1st round Sabonis is a solid pick in a points league.

  19. I'd be pretty shocked if he plays again this week. His foot needs the rest. Hope I'm wrong.

  20. im sure embiid could use a day off as well.. dude's been killing my team

  21. Seriously idk how I got him so late in the draft. Someone drafted rob will before him lol

  22. I picked him up off the waiver in our 8 team so you can imagine how happy I am.

  23. Love JJJ, he has been one of my main guys for my team this season 💪🏼

  24. Do you think dropping Jarrett Allen for a streamer in an 8T is worth it? THT is free tonight still and I wasn't sure.

  25. Ooft, even in an 8 team is Jarrett your worst guy? I ask because I have Jarrett on my IR as well

  26. I'm gonna be honest, my worst PPG wise for points are Maxey and Allen. But I just cant bring myself to drop maxey because how he does when harden sits B2Bs. It's just with JA, he only has 6 games between the next 2 weeks and he's skeptical with his eye, and I'm in semis rn. I wasn't really set on it, but was wondering if others would do the same.

  27. Yeah totally, I’d hold on to Maxey too. It sounds like you might not have an IR spot or you have someone better in there already? If so, yeah you might need to cut Allen for streaming although it seems like he was a full participant for Monday’s practice and is questionable for tomorrow’s game.

  28. Love the Drummond Base team name - might steal that for next year.

  29. All single storey though, no stairs at any of these properties.

  30. Found the guy who missed out on Fultz 🤷🏻‍♂️

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