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  1. Dude's in his natural habitat, swimming and retrieving

  2. Congratulations man, now that she's mobile, hide EVERYTHING she can reach

  3. Fucking sick. Dumb question, but are the lights attached to the bridge real or are they edited?

  4. They're real, they're just reflected light from the cars passing overhead

  5. Aside from the weight of the context, it really is a striking shot. I could see this as an album or book cover art.

  6. It's beautiful. Do you care if I use it as my phone background?

  7. I don't know why you're getting down voted, you complimented my work and asked me politely to use it, Reddit is a weird hive mind some days

  8. Thankfully they are fairly young looking, you still have time to structurally prune and train them the direction you need, just be sure you take the most drastic branches only, it'll take years and dedication to achieve

  9. Omg CARDIACS, why didn't I think of that? Those guys rule

  10. You mean "maximalist" like "avant garde", or there would be a difference?

  11. I think there is a difference, though the two intermix quite frequently. Avant garde is about finding new approaches to music and alienating a certain audience, maximalist music seeks to blend several different styles at once for a wild wall of sound effect

  12. I don't think so, I think it's a step in the right direction though. Hopefully at one point you won't need photos at all, because if you keep doing it to regular photos of people you're still training your brain to see people as objects

  13. Ahhhh utility storm work, those were the days

  14. Reminds me of the Superbird

  15. Having a pet is not the same as having a healthy relationship.

  16. Now that he’s got ‘fetch’ teach him ‘fix fence’

  17. It's on my laundry list of errands

  18. Great golden tones in this image. Nice composition.

  19. Oh I think I made a typo, it's definitely from 2006 that was my bad

  20. There's something about the colors from CCD sensors that many CMOS sensors can't match.

  21. This is very good. Can you share your camera setting? What was the actual outdoor condition like? I'm trying to up my analogue game. Thanks!

  22. I believe it was iso 400, 1/100th shutter speed, and a 50mm lens

  23. No way, guy was completely satisfied with his way of living, he recognized the world was absurd and just gave so little fucks that it made history

  24. I'll DM you, I love these sort of discussions

  25. Obscura: technical ability, Pleiades Dust: compositional ability.

  26. You should not pull it, he will learn that that’s how it works. You should have your hand waiting for him to drop the toy, a good way of doing this is having two same looking ones and using the “inactive” one as bait.

  27. He knows fetch very well, we were just playing tug of war on the video, he knows the difference

  28. Aw, he’s quite the adorable killing machine! With that bouncy body language, he’s clearly having fun!

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