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Had to get emergency heart surgery. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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  1. I think he is trying to take your BF, I know his kind, adorable sneaky

  2. You need to take vacation days off in order to have surgery? Not sick days? Is this something that I am too non-American to understand?

  3. NTA but America treatment to workers is. I hope everything goes well with your surgery 🤞

  4. $300 for expired wanna be food 🤢🤢 she has some nerve trying to get people sick with dangerous products.

  5. Yeah. I've noticed that huns always try to get rid of their stuff for way too much. I would say that's probably worth 50 bucks at most and that's being generous.

  6. What disgust me is that you don't even gift expired food over respect and consideration for other people health. I guess that level of decency is to much to ask.

  7. Okay but really what do you do with a kid like this? If I ever acted like this my parents would’ve beat my ass, but I can’t see myself ever doing that

  8. Latina here, I never threw this kind of tantrums in public because the chancla was very convincing of why you should behave.

  9. Gross girl? She sounds like she empower women. Basically is, yes you can lose money but isn't me losing so dismiss any concern.

  10. NTA Besides the fact that she was an annoying drunk and could had been dangerous, she is a legal adult and needs to take responsibility. She threw up in another person home she has to clean.

  11. Call me a bit*h but, why should I be responsible to put food in your table? Plus I am helping the other not annoying employees.

  12. I have a small business/side hustle and that’s not bitchy at all. No one owes me a purchase, and if I’m not selling anything it’s on me to figure out why and fix it.

  13. Also, you don't know other people financial situation to rant about why they aren't buying. With this Hun the problem isn't only the overprice crap

  14. Look at that cold and independent creature known as a cat😍🥰 it's adorable

  15. NTA It this was a public place, I would have agreed that she deserves better accomodations. This is your home and they can't make you pay lots of money to accommodate 1 person in a private party.

  16. Australian here. I’m reading it while having open heart surgery. I’ll only be paying for the parking at the hospital

  17. Colombian here, we don't have the best health system. You pay according to your income level, Even with the highest level won't be more than 60 -80 de dollars for surgery, hospitalization and medical exam.

  18. Oh we had a pure romance hun who used to do this on Halloween too! Key words being "used to" because one year she ended up handing it out to the wrong kid and the dad managed to track her down and ended up showing up to her house and threatening to beat the shit out of her because he thought the hun was trying to groom his kid or something. She stopped doing it after that.

  19. Could they just leave the sex toy, oils and creams to consenting adults!!!?? For me this people are the perverts that I would avoid at all costs.

  20. Yeah, like we totally want to see children being used in marketing for sex products. /s

  21. Should be illegal!! They thought that you will be willing to buy something if they send your daughter with adult products advertisment?

  22. I was with a tour and some asshole stepped on them to take a picture 😡😡😡 TF is wrong with people?!

  23. The best part of vacation is occasionally thinking "Haha, everyone else is working right now!"

  24. In my country is illegal to do work related activities while you're on vacation or on sick leave. Plus they like that you leave the company out your social media posts.

  25. Colombia, if something happens to you doing something work related while you're sick or on vacation, you can sue your company. Companies must have an insurance to protect their employees on the clock, so If you are out it doesn't cover you. Is very serious that you can't work at those times.

  26. You can earn $57 working 1 day minimum wage, this is just sad

  27. I felt bad but that was the first thing that I noticed

  28. Just a note to add on, I see a good number of people saying that I shouldn't assume that Kim is not outdoorsy because she's in a wheelchair. I never assumed that, Laura listed off her interest in hobbies and none of them were based on outdoor activity.

  29. NTA Also I think that she setting you up added to your apprehension. She is TA harassing other people to date her friend isn't working and maybe is hurting her chances to meet someone.

  30. Sounds so professional, that's the way that I want my coworkers or bosses to talk about me.

  31. Because test for them is asking people to buy their crap and then see what happen. If they get a bad review is because bad attitude or doing it wrong.

  32. There's sex positive and then there's tacky as hell. Guess which side this one falls on?

  33. They are making normalizing the use of toys into a disgusting and much time inappropriate post.

  34. Off course it isn't an MLM those are illegal! this is network marketing that casually pays more if you recruit than the actual good/service.

  35. NTA, and as someone who lives in a country where clothes lines are the norm, this is a bizarre take for her. Also hilarious

  36. NTA same here, even apartments have spots to dry your clothes, plus dryers destroy your clothes. I bet neighbor doesn't allow her kid in the underwear section.

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