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Turkish journalist Sedef Kabas jailed for reciting a proverb on TV and twitter: "There is a very famous proverb that says that a crowned head becomes wiser. But we see it is not true. A bull does not become king just by entering the palace, but the palace becomes a barn."

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  1. It's only ethical to teach ethics. Religion - not so much.

  2. The tragedy for America is they (the GOP) know this. They just can't admit it.

  3. When the truth hurts, hurt the truth - the new world order.

  4. The strings of a guitar already have the components of string theory so you would end up with what you already have - strings on a guitar.

  5. The entire experience. Too much to unpack with a simple reply. There is nothing that compares.

  6. A positive outlook, a sense of humor and a healthy sense of self esteem.

  7. Why do we expect our leaders to demonstrate leadership? What a world.

  8. She was shot in the hallway, not while she was in her bed. Obviously still tragic what happened but the details matter.

  9. Details do matter. She was shot by police who were blindly firing through a screen door. She was shot 6 times, not once, and not an accident.

  10. Details do matter he says… followed by completely incorrect details.

  11. You may want to consider correcting Wikipedia. That was my source. Apologies if I got anything wrong. From your reply, we are to gather that the officer returning fire, saw the two people, missed the one he was shooting at, and mistakenly shot Taylor six times due to his poor aim. Well that's not so bad then.

  12. No, Unlike the U.S., the presidency is more of a ceremonial role calling for a person of impeccable integrity and gravitas. The PM is a more powerful with regards to national policy.

  13. And I thought the Italian judicial system was bad.

  14. Loved how she turns the corner and keeps on running.

  15. Consider The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins. I found it intelligent, insightful and uplifting.

  16. She's right, just not too bright. Segregation of the unvaxed is what's needed. What a doofus.

  17. 1st thing to say is that your data doesn't go to the comune, but goes directly to the police. I'm not a policeman but i worked in hotels and i know a lot about this. The hotel is required to keep these data for at least 5 years. My guess is that the police keeps it for more, maybe forever, but I'm not sure of this. Needless to say, if you're a criminal fugitive, going to a hotel in Italy is your worst move. I've seen literally people been taken from the hotel directly by the police. The data they keep of you are:

  18. Many thanks for your considered reply. Very helpful for a pending civil suit in which I may need the testimony of a guest who stayed at a property about 5 years back. I'm now wondering if that is public information the police have or if I would need the services of a lawyer to obtain it. Any knowledge about that?

  19. Again I'm not a lawyer but for privacy I'm sure this is not public information. It's information that could destroy thousands of couples (if you know what I mean). And adultery is not illegal. I'm 100% positive you'd need a lawyer to obtain these info.

  20. I think you're right about that - and probably a need to know.

  21. I was a bit cynical reading the headline, thinking " oh great, are we going back to the days when only rich people could travel", but it seems like a pretty nominal fee, I guess they can just limit the number that they sell, I don't know how they'll avoid scalpers though

  22. I don't think they plan on limiting access, only charging a modest fee to deter some of the traffic. Not everyone will be happy about the tax and will find another free venue. There are plenty in Italy.

  23. It was incredibly crowded. I don’t think an entry fee will significantly reduce the amount of people.

  24. It would deter some to visit other nearby locales - just look at your comment. Multiply that by a few million a year and Bob's your uncle. There are nearby beach resorts like Jesolo and Caorle as alternatives. Although not Venice, they offer venues that are wonderful and unique unto themselves.

  25. I thought the news was saying we're having a supply chain problem... I must have misheard chain for train.

  26. As seeing what anti-Vaxxers are like…this might be natural selection at work..

  27. Sounds like a good premise for a TV show. Let's call it What's my Line?

  28. What was lost was democracy. Will America ever get it back?

  29. So refreshing to see Germany take a stand on Global issues. Recently a German court convicted a Serbian official for Crimes Against Humanity and now this. Go Germany!

  30. It was a Syrian torturer but yeah I agree, time for GER to stand up to Putin.

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