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  1. Good thing I am a tank so I run how the dungeon goes. 😉

  2. The way I always see it while tanking. U go at my pace or don't go at all. Kick me if u want but I'll get a new que in 5 seconds and u will be waiting for 20 mins.

  3. There are also the DPS typing "GO" to the tank. 😅 Like it's going to change something.

  4. I was in a leveling dungeon recently where the rogue and dh kept pulling for the tank.

  5. The thing is, it's a low level dungeon! The tank doesn't have to know anything at all! These try harders are the people I don't want with me in any kind of content. What if the tank is new? Or the healer?? What then? Unless they do competitive content like mythic+ it's totally not justified!

  6. Surely you are not wrong. It's a matter of what you enjoy the most.

  7. RetroArch is your best friend. With achievements!

  8. We had the same problem as well, I couldn't find the radar room and the seamoth. But I've encountered a lot of parts for the cyclops and a lot of laser cutters. There was no beacon and no sea glide to find. Also I've encountered some sea dragon leviathan sized crabsnakes.

  9. There's RetroArch for you. And frankly nobody cares if they like emulating games or not, since they don't give us the freedom to buy these times that are not available anymore.

  10. I am bound to buy all new BoF games that may release. Just like I do with every Dragon Quest game. 😅

  11. Good to know something like that might happen.

  12. They were the main goal to beat until 1/3 of the game and then a bigger villain or goal appears to take over.

  13. I always loved that cozy feeling the music in BoF 3 gave in every map. It felt just right, based in the occasion - fight etc.


  15. Please post updates of this on a website, Twitter or reddit so we can follow!

  16. It actually looks way better than the games of this and the last decade. xD

  17. These are the links for 3 manga that have been published.

  18. Thanks for posting this here. I will check it out!

  19. I think they can see the game as a potential new title. I just completed the survey myself. Hopefully in a few years we will be pre purchasing a new breath of fire game. ❤️

  20. Like I've always said. There should be a reputation system for each player individually so we'll know who the hell is a toxic player.

  21. The feeling of "toxicity" comes later into the end game where doing mythic keystones actually becomes a challenge.

  22. This conversation is surely irritating to an active and main tank. If you don't use your utility then you need to learn more about your character. After 15+ there's no need for slackers. When I'm the tank (protection paladin) and people won't interrupt or help by knockbacks or stuns it all falls back to you in the form of "paper tank", "squishy" etc. As a tank I have to plan out my packs, routes and even my CC uses in case someone from the group ain't using theirs. Just think about who you are stressing here. There's a difference in doing a smaller key and doing keys over 15-16 cause in any case you won't need a +16 for your weekly chest.

  23. Tbh, I'm a. 2.3rio protection paladin on silvermoon. If I ever come upon such toxicity I'm going to be exposing them with screenshots and nicknames. There's no need to be toxic and mess with other people's time. You do not have any requirements unless you're doing actual competitive content.

  24. I'm here to say, literally on every game that used to have 2d sprites. It's a shame they are not using those anymore. Things were more beautiful that was found in its simplicity.

  25. Dude, this is amazing! Everyone is underestimating these games but these classics are part of a gold age and the fans are trying to make this gold age happen again!

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