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The American Section at my local Supervalu, Ireland

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  1. I would say don't put it on 86 degrees either! You didn't say what the outside temp is but I know in the summer there is a big difference between outside air 102 degrees and my wanting it to be 72-75 inside. I am SO happy for you that it was just a breaker. I wonder why the company you hired didn't discover that?!

  2. I was cranking it up to see if it would kick on. Lol.

  3. I been there! There is no terror like thinking you're going to turn into a popsicle if you can't get some heat going. I'm from the Deep South-Louisiana, where for about 8 months a year we have tropical level humidity and heat.

  4. Won’t let you touch his phone under any circumstance and always turns the screen away when he’s on it.

  5. Recent one, Bonnie Joslin murdered her mother Mona Davis in Indiana. She pretended to be Mona on phone calls and Facebook messages for a little while.

  6. I grew up fundie. I know some of people and actually am related to one of the more famous fundie families, but we don’t claim them. I got out.


  8. This is the most accurate one I’ve seen yet!

  9. Where did you find that cute little dress?

  10. Marinade for skewered veggies for grilling.

  11. I would like to enter my twin girls! They both need coats!

  12. They had a wonderful day and I can’t thank y’all enough!

  13. Also a thank you to everyone for the contest my children won! My children had a magical Christmas!

  14. Lip balm should be there by Jan 4th. Merry Christmas!🎄

  15. I would like to enter my family! My kids have food allergies so groceries are already very high trying to find gluten free items for my son.

  16. My son and I love to play games together! So I would like to enter my 8 year old son for the Elf card game!

  17. the elf snow thing should be there dec 19 merry christmas

  18. I would like to enter my 8 year old son Cayden! He just loves robots!

  19. Omg the way that reindeer (?) is side-eyeing your kiddo is just perfection! 😂 This picture is pure gold!

  20. Yes it’s a reindeer! It was reindeer day at school! 😂 He insisted it be in the photo with him.

  21. Aawww I hope you get it up soon , if you can please post a pic I love little trains too my mother in law has one that blows smoke🥰I’m always trying to get one on a deal but yet to find one lol

  22. This one is supposed to! So we got the track together (yay teamwork!) and it’s too big for the space, so we’re gonna have to move the whole thing. Which is fine, but likely won’t happen till tomorrow because I’m gonna have to figure out where I’m gonna put it. Lol.

  23. I would like to enter my 8 year old!

  24. I would like to enter my family for this! I love video games and I enjoy playing them when I can with my 8 year old. Lately we’ve been playing Mario on my old Super Nintendo! This would make us so happy!

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