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  1. This Orioles pitcher can be a true American hero if he just lets Judge homer off him to get this over with

  2. More of a hero by doing what he did.

  3. Hey OP, I used a reverse face search engine

  4. I used pimeyes, the reverse face search engine,

  5. Context? I know he promotes reverse mortgages but how does this make sense?

  6. What do you mean? The opacity says 100%.

  7. just like pompeo assumes anything he doesn't like is 'wokism' vs. "being informed and having an intelligent opinion" i'd be interested in what you think on NPR is 'wokism' and why.

  8. When I listen to All Things Considered I want the news, not an interview with an author of a new book about their intersectional experience as a transsexual native American with a disability who struggled on minimum wage before founding a successful inner city gardening program. But if that appeals to you, by all means keep listening.

  9. How does hearing about that experience make you any less than you were before?

  10. I don't even know what you're trying to say. Now you're just shaming me for my preferences? lol. Fuck off.

  11. I'm also surprised how one road that connects Venezuela and Guyana connects to Brazil.

  12. First, you'll need an idea, and a dataset. As OP mentioned, a great place to get one for this kind of thing is

  13. That sounds like a shit ton of work when there much better alternatives. I can't imagine doing GIS without a point and click environment like QGIS. OSM data can be imported directly into QGIS. No need to bother with coding and pulling data from json. Having to perform functions by writing out lines of code when I could simply just select from drop down menus makes no sense to me.

  14. Sorry to hijack your comment, but OP (Striking_Scene9463)

  15. Yeah, and it's not even a good post either. It's comparing a flashlight on low battery with a flashlight on full battery. I'm sure there's a difference in inherent luminosity between the flashlights, but any difference would be washed out in the overexposure of the picture.

  16. NPR actually let's both sides talk. When Ted Cruze was on NPR, he wasn't yelled at, constantly interrupted, and thrown irrational loaded questions. It was a real interview. Now I disagree with most of what Ted Cruze does and says but I don't want to listen to just another partisan yelling match. The CNNs, MSNBC's and Fox's are just entertainment with very little journalism. NPR left leaning and there are things I wish they would talk about, like pro police interviews and pro landlord interviews. But with that being said NPR has some of the best journalism out there.

  17. Don't worry about getting blocked. I personally find that this only improves my reddit experience.

  18. You still see the posts and comments of people who block you. Even worse, you can no longer comment anywhere underneath any one of their comments (or something like that).

  19. No. Because you still get their messages. And when you try to reply to the messages you get the "something is broken, try again later" message. Deleted comments are something else.

  20. Why are some dalle2 images so amazing and some are so garbage?

  21. The tag says "outpainting", so I think this one was coached along.

  22. Report this bot for reposting and move on.

  23. It was an interesting episode but it bizarrely gets the most important fact wrong. It ends by saying the captain has never faced any consequences. That's completely untrue. The captain was arrested all the way back in 2020 and convicted and sent to prison in January 2021.

  24. I’ve never served, so I don’t understand all the shooting that went on while they were capturing the Russians. Was the shooting a scare tactic? Or were they suppressing the Russians who were surrendering, or where they shooting at some of the others who were running away? It seems to me that randomly shooting while capturing pows can quickly turn into shooting the people you are trying to capture, since you don’t know if any of the pows are gonna pull a gun on you

  25. Came to the comments thinking this would be a top question. I think we're the only ones wondering.

  26. You've got it backwards. Ejected matter is energy imparted. The change in the mass of the asteroid is a change in the asteroid's total kinetic energy. Combined with a favourable vector and this changes the orbit and the rock misses earth.

  27. You aren't very clear but that can't be right. Far more energy imparted from the probe is transferred to ejected material, in the case of a soft asteroid, than is lost to heat (i.e. infrared radiation) in the case of the hard asteroid. So more energy would be transferred as momentum to the hard asteroid when compared with the energy transferred as momentum to the main body of the soft asteroid.

  28. I could be wrong in my reasoning but I'm not wrong, because NASA made the statement. You are wrong, NASA has said we transfer less momentum change to a hard asteroid than we do to a soft asteroid. This is their experiments and their data telling them this. They chose this asteroid partly because they believed it to be soft in composition.

  29. Wow. What a mature response. So you admit to not understanding any of it, which means your own reasoning could be wrong, but that doesn't matter because you just get off by telling me that I'm wrong, huh? What are you, 15?

  30. If you haven't modified any files -- and I mean, you are CERTAIN -- then it should be safe to dismount. Just keep in mind there are some background tasks by questionable third party apps that might be doing things behind your back. But yeah, you're PROBABLY okay.

  31. It's probably reading at the moment. For example I'm using "search everything" program on windows. Without closing the program veracrypt always tells me to force-dismount. If you are not writing anything, you don't have anything to worry about.

  32. Beyond what others have suggested re keeping the image and repainting around it, you don’t. In fact, you could spend hours with the original prompt and never see the same bear again. You’d see a lot of similar looking bears, but never one exactly the same. When the system’s trained, it’s shown a huge number of images with matching captions, so it associates descriptions with images. Then it goes through a phase where it produces images and generates captions for them, and is rated on how appropriate the captions are for the images.

  33. This is not only a needless wall of text but it's wrong on several levels. First, you overgeneralize. In midjourney there is a well known effect by which if you use the same seed with different prompts there are common features in many of the images. There's no guarantee one of the common features would be seen in the character of a bear, but it's possible.

  34. If you score on your opening drive are you really assuming you won’t score again. If you are down 14 in the 2nd qtr then shouldn’t you go for 2 since you know you will have to score again to win?

  35. There's actually more to it that I left out. The difference is the room there is in your logic for the opponent to score again. Late enough in the game you just have to assume you will hold them to no more points. But early enough in the game not only can your opponent score again, but if they score a touchdown again they'll also have the opportunity to go for 2 if it makes sense for them. And that alone negates any advantage of going for 2 in normal circumstances early on.

  36. Or, if you get it, it puts pressure on them to maybe go for 2. Then, if they don’t get the 2-pt conversion…

  37. Or if you don't get it then you're behind...

  38. If you’re down by 17 and then score a TD, the math says it’s worth it to go for 2.

  39. There are advanced stats and probabilities that show going for 2 as the right choice in that situation. The logic I laid out assumes you’re in a situation where there are finite remaining possessions and a definite margin you need to make up, basically when you’re approaching the end of the game.

  40. He coaches with heart, not with smarts.


  42. Flowers is good at falling down backwards.

  43. I posted something similar to your map under a different account of mine a couple years ago. But I used the reddit API to run the subscriber query not on each state's subreddit but on all location subreddits within each state (which you can find at

  44. Pretty sure it was something, but not exactly, like Person 1 can complete a job in 8 hours, and Person 2 can complete it in 6 hours. How long does it take for both persons to complete the job. There is no way to know how effectively they would work together on that particular job so basically there is no answer. You could assume that together they would be twice as fast and get 3.5 hours, but that is an assumption.

  45. But pointing to the fact that it boils down to assumptions as a reason to declare it unsolvable and to give up subverts the idea of a math problem. All practical math problems are based on assumptions. And this problem especially is a classic one (one job in 8 hours is the same as an eighth of a job in an hour, so it's 1/8 + 1/6 = 7/24ths of a job an hour together, or 3.43 hours a job). I agree with Danielle. Really bizarre choice to go with a simple math problem rather than a philosophy question to convey the point that perspective matters (or whatever the point of the episode was).

  46. The lesson of the episode was to think differently and to the consider nuances of the situation or problem. Feeney was more interested on how one arrived to the answer than what their answer is. Your answer is a logical approach to the problem but very likely incorrect. Two guys washing the same car is not likely going to be a linearly scaled summation of their individual efforts. As someone else had mentioned here, the show overall didn't execute well in explaining the point cohesively.

  47. I get the point. The point I'm making is that a math problem is a horrible vehicle to deliver it. You can literally pick apart any given math problem if you're allowed to question the assumptions.

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