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this has to be a new low 😕

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  1. I’ll shit a few more and build a wall.

  2. If anyone brags about being wealthy, I automatically question the validity of what they’re saying. Most wealthy people don’t want a target in they back so they don’t admit they’re wealthy.

  3. We actually don’t like the word crazy.

  4. Uh I’m bipolar and don’t give a fuck if anyone calls me crazy, so no WE don’t.

  5. That’s fine but most people I know with mental health issues, including myself, don’t like the word crazy that’s why I said something.

  6. In my state if you harass a Sasquatch or Bigfoot or any other subspecies it’s a felony.

  7. Believe it or not I’ve actually seen a Sasquatch before. He was a red haired Sasquatch

  8. You know what? now that I think about it, either have I. Fuck Sara’s, man!

  9. Contemplating the whole chosen people thing

  10. That's not true at all. If anything everyone tends to be envious. To be 23-26 again is a dream for most. The best of times but more referring to health. Our bodies are typically at its best in that age range.

  11. I’m not actually 23. It’s a lyric from a shitty song. I’m 32 and feel I’m living my best life ✌🏻

  12. My buddy and I both saw a red haired Sasquatch. I live in the PNW, my buddy lives close to where we saw it. He thinks there’s a whole family in the caves near by.

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