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FINAL UPDATE: My stepdaughter wants me to have an abortion and my SO says, "Maybe we should think about it."

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  1. O my lil fucker does that every night. Likes necks too.

  2. There are several ways that I would go about this, depending, first of all, on your safety and his level of (in)sanity. Whichever path you take, please, measure it against whether or not it will make you safer. You know him better than any of us, and whether he's the type who will continue to escalate, or if he'll get bored the moment he finds a new girl to obsess with.

  3. Or 2 years ago, food prices were lower, which is true too.

  4. Wage theft definition: "denial of wages or benefits owed to the employee by the employer". Penal code AB 1003 (California, but I can't imagine it being too drastically different in other states).

  5. Non-exempt employees are paid for the time they work. Including if they refuse to clock out and go home, which is why unauthorised overtime is a disciplinary offence in lots of companies.

  6. I am describing US practices, altho as a UK teacher, I basically had the same deal, with, of course, the school holidays. Luckily I retired before it became common practice to teach during the holidays too, in Revision and Booster and Catch-up classes.

  7. I appreciate the idea of having separate spaces, even if you’re fully committed to each other. But why are his clothes and stuff taking up your real estate? Do you have too much storage?

  8. I found out the other day that cats that sleep back to back trust each other completely. If they don't trust you, you get the sharp end towards you. So I guess it's a compliment.

  9. I always thought he was guarding us. From intruders. Who might break into our house at any moment. And rush upstairs into our bedroom to steal the Dreamies.

  10. Warm egg sandwiches in clingfilm, better British experience if you can get sand in them.

  11. Egg sandwiches made with salad cream but also cheddar cheese and tomato sandwiches are delicious. Cheese and branston pickle, ham and piccalilliall good

  12. Could get one of those air horns. Give them a friendly beep like you would in a car.

  13. I like to hiss. I’m a fat little nana. It scares people

  14. Hey is Swedish for hello. That’s why English speakers of Scandinavian heritage use it so comfortably, and why English people consider it lower class, like kid for child and other Norse words.

  15. You can’t control other people. You can say I love you but I can’t handle your table manners. I’m going to eat in a different room. Whenever you’re ready, we can talk specifics and solutions

  16. One of the delights for me of travelling in France, Spain and Italy is seeing that baristas, waiters, delivery people, road-menders seem to make enough to live on. They can be very young, school leavers; they don’t have to force themselves through a bogus degree to be allowed a job. They can be mature adults, with families to support, and clearly, they have job security, housing, holidays, savings, in other words, a decent life. They’re not despised because they’re not in a white collar job. They’re not climbing a career ladder to prove their dignity.

  17. My mother is incapable of adult conversation, and I have never been able to decide if that's because of her career as a preschool teacher, or vice versa.

  18. She hasn’t been sacked because of the tone she uses with parents and employers? She has friends or friendly relations with colleagues? She can control it. She chooses not to

  19. I often ask people to contribute to the cost if there are many of us. For me to feed 10 people costs me £150 if we get takeout, but if everyone chips in a tenner it’s manageable. I’ve always found it difficult how Britons don’t like sharing costs of things in this way. Same with buying rounds - I don’t want to do that, I can’t afford it. I want to pay my own because at least then I have control of the cost. Sometimes a round costs £80 and I have max 2 drinks myself on a night. £80 is more than my week’s groceries and has put me off going out so many times. Maybe I’m the biggest tight ass around but could we please not demonise people for being less well off

  20. It’s not tight to opt out of rounds; it is tight to benefit without reciprocating.

  21. If there’s a seal, how about heating the bottom one and the trapped air? With luck the air will expand too and push the top pot off

  22. We tried this, but never really got to open. Now it just wiggles inside a bit but doesn't come off, we tried pulling so hard as best as we could

  23. I know that to the woman with a hammer everything looks like a nail, but I’d try a mallet a lot!

  24. We have a system that works well but there’s two of us so if you’re solo it may not work. Before the movers come we get our guy loaded into his carrier and we put him in the car. One of us stays with him while the other does mover things.

  25. We did this with our very old (20 year old) cat when we moved from a flat to a house with a cat flap. He was blind & deaf. The vet told us he couldn’t go outside anymore at the flat. Everyone warned DH that the cat would die of shock.

  26. Tell me you’re a virgin, without telling me you’re a virgin

  27. One of the things I love about visiting the USA is eating Mexican food, so if she likes spicy stuff then definitely introduce her to that.

  28. Except, a Dr can’t confirm you’ve got diarrhoea and vomiting (unless you actually are so ill can’t leave the bathroom so you need a house visit or ambulance. This once happened to me, sadly). You’re the one in charge of that!

  29. I’m really surprised that there is no legislation about this. In the UK, people who work with food have to be free of d&v for 24h before returning to work. Source The Archers when Clarrie-luv caused a salmonella outbreak making the ice-cream & Bridge Farm were fined

  30. Look online for tutoring services. You usually have to upload your credentials and write a little blurb.

  31. One quite powerful thing you could try is to ask her: Do you want my advice or do you just want to vent? Is there anything I could do to make your life easier?

  32. Thanks for the feedback. Here is how this convo will go after asking that question:

  33. I think a lot of the power in the question comes from how you ask it. “Talking to me like that” means she detected some kind of edge. It needs to be a genuine, concerned question.

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