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  1. Pretty much they're all not ethical think of it this way they are making someone's most traumatic life experience into a show. Do research on your own.

  2. Oh word disagreed though. I’ve found plenty that are ethical and use the platform to bring awareness, advocate, and support victims/families. As long as they’re done appropriately I think true crime podcasts can be really beneficial

  3. I guess, it's different when you have actually worked with family of victims.

  4. The issue is they are threatening to increase prices due to theft. I ain't gonna be able to afford to eat if it continues.

  5. Why?, it's always the same freakout when someone gets caught. That's what I mwnt by it.

  6. Don't like either of them. One wants clout the other is a military simp.

  7. no? what exactly are his favorite words?

  8. It has to be little shit. He used it so many times 😂 Sorry I'm stoned so it might not have been the best title.

  9. Any description of the car, along with a picture of the guy? Why the hell wasn't that a part of the video?

  10. Sadly haven't seen any description in the articles I looked at it happened 22 hours ago.

  11. 11 years old, has her own phone, unsupervised on Instagram. It says social media account(s) so probably TikTok also. That's a chomos dream right there.

  12. They have an unrestrained dog in a shopping cart and fake paperwork calling it a service animal. At best, it is an emotional support animal. More likely they're just full of shit.

  13. When I worked retail it was bad. It's only gotten worse and I notice it when shopping. I also seen real service animals and you can easily tell the difference.

  14. No one cares, get off the internet if you don't like reposts.

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