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  1. It's clear in the comments which of you legitimately need the additional two signs that say the exact same thing

  2. No need to be so negative. It doesn’t make you seem smarter, just insecure.

  3. Reddit is 99% snark you just don't like feeling dumb

  4. And that's just a chorus and two verses, there's still more to do. Not to mention the vocal double and the two background vocal channels.

  5. For some reason, this image gave me an interesting but terrible idea. What if you have a jail block connected to a small pasture for one or two boomalopes? If there's ever a jailbreak, it'd solve itself right?

  6. I once had a prison set up with an exit leading out of my base and into a cave. There was a uranium slug turret right outside the door, too close to target anyone who exits. I also strip all of my prisoners naked.

  7. Load a bunch of your excess food into transport pods and send them as gifts to nearby settlements to get free Relation points. Make friends with everyone and start ordering caravans to trade food for stuff you actually need.

  8. I'm going for the Archonexus on Builder difficulty, this is my third base before getting the last piece of the map.

  9. I'm not sure exactly what it's called, the one where it says you want to build up a community or something like that. My memory is bad.

  10. General Education from colleges is useless. If you need to learn specific things like engine- no those guys are useless. No billionaire ever went to college so

  11. You're right no successful person in history ever went to college not a single one ever see a caveman in college checkmate atheists

  12. I have an all magic character and I enchanted some thalmor gloves and boots. Otherwise I usually just buy clothes from the tailor in Solitude.

  13. Fun fact: the disc is just a license. There's essentially nothing on it.

  14. I didn't know this but why will the worlds reset :(

  15. It's not going to go away, but like previous updates I expect the changes to only apply to areas you haven't already loaded in, and I didn't want to have to mess around with clearing chunks or having to deal with the borders between the new generation and the old, so I'm just going to start over with a new map when the update hits.

  16. Wow, nice world, you must spend a lot of time on everythig

  17. There's more but I didn't show the unfinished stuff. I only recently got around to making everything look good.

  18. All the of standing stones are there. But there's more. Ones that aren't standing stones. Daedric artifacts maybe?

  19. I always go to the drunken hunstman. It's open 24/7 and sells high level arrows.

  20. Im pretty sure its unique to volendrung. Fun fact about malacaths dearic atrifact... it was actually the hammer that fell to mark hammerfell. When the yokudans (early redguards) needed to move, one of them threw volendrung and swore that wherever it landed would be their home. It landed in whats now known as hammerfell; literally where a hammer fell.

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